Quiet Cool Evaporative Cooler

The Quiet Cool Evaporative Cooler from On Site Companies is perfect for temporarily cooling both indoor and outdoor spaces. This fan is a portable evaporative cooler that uses the natural cooling process of evaporating water to reduce temperatures up to 30°F, and at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. It blows cooled air in a narrow stream at high velocities reaching long distances to provide greater cooling for employees, customers, guests, equipment, and livestock.

Benefits of the Quiet Cool Evaporative Cooler include:

Easy to operate – only needs water and electricity
No waste – designed to be highly efficient, no water is wasted
Easy to move – completely portable, with standard with straight and swivel casters
Air flow – tested for maximum air flow at operating static pressure
Refreshingly cool air – discharged air is down to 26ºF degrees cooler than the incoming air
Filtered air – filters the air as is passes through the water saturated cooling media and eliminates many air borne particles

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Coverage Area Up to 3,600 sq ft
Fan 11,300 (low) / 17,600 (high)
Electrical Requirements 120V, 9.8 amps
Length 75.5"
Width 36"
Height 79"
Weight 450 lbs