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Professional & Reliable

You are a professional. You bring your A-game to every project, every work site, every day. You expect the same out of your crew. You should expect the same of your sanitation provider.

When you use On Site Companies for your work-site sanitation, you get professional and reliable service every step of the way. From your initial quote, learning which products are the best for your site’s needs, to delivery and regular service and billing, On Site will provide you with knowledgable and courteous staff throughout the entire process.

With On Site companies, you’re not just getting a porta potty provider, but a sanitation expert to make sure you meet OSHA standards and have the right number of units to keep your crew working at peak efficiency.

The right unit for the right job site

Standard Construction Restroom

Our Standard Construction Porta Potty is our most popular portable restroom for construction sites. This restroom is built with sturdy materials that are designed to withstand the tough day-to-day life on a construction site. All of our restrooms are delivered clean and graffiti free.

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Mobile Portable Restroom

Our Mobile Restroom for construction sites and road construction. This restroom can easily be hooked up to a trailer hitch and be moved to a new location quickly. The mobility of this porta potty makes it perfect for road construction and golf courses.

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Hook Unit Portable Restroom

Our Hook Unit Restroom is simply our standard portable restroom with additional portability. This restroom can be attached to a crane to be easily moved from one area of the construction site to another, and also to be placed on multiple story buildings.

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High Rise Portable Restroom

The High Rise Portable Restroom is designed to easily reduce in size in order to fit into small high rise elevators during construction. Unlike our hook restroom unit, this restroom can be rolled to any part of a high rise construction site, and then brought down for service through a service elevator.

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