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When to Rent a Temporary Air Conditioner

The summer months can be hot, humid, and hard to find relief at times, especially if you’re outside. More than likely, at a construction site you’re already working up a sweat, and nobody wants to go to an outdoor event in the summer and feel uncomfortable. A/C rental can make a huge difference for a company or event. With the option to escape the heat and truly cool off, guests won’t wish they had stayed home and your employees will likely feel more comfortable throughout the day, boosting morale. Air conditioning rental for outdoor events can be the key to happy guests, and A/C rental for construction can make working a little more bearable.

Temporary Air Conditioning

There are several different times when you might need to provide temporary air conditioning such as at an outdoor wedding, a construction site, or even in your home. With several different types of portable or temporary A/C units, you’ll want to choose one that meets your current needs.

Spot Cooler (13,200 BTU/Hr)

The spot cooler is the smallest air conditioner that On Site has to offer. This type of unit is perfect for small rooms or tented events. It can provide relief for a small office or home whose stationary air conditioning unit is temporarily out of service. The unit is usually placed inside the room, and the warm air is ducted out of the facility.


    • Digital temperature control
    • Operates on standard 115v power
    • Provides up to 13,200 BTU/hr of cool air
    • Handles temperatures above 115 degrees F
  • Condensation overflow control

MOB-42 Portable Air Conditioner

The MOB-42 portable air conditioner is a smaller portable air conditioner that is perfect for small areas that are not climate controlled. It’s great for special event tents, and even has wheels which make it easy to move if need be. This type of unit is ideal for smaller construction sites where you may want to move the unit to different areas frequently.


    • Used for air conditioning and dehumidification needs
    • Completely self-contained
  • Easily portable

MOB-60 Portable Air Conditioner

The MOB-60 portable air conditioner is a larger, self-contained unit that can provide air conditioning and dehumidification for events and construction sites. This unit can be put outside, out of the way, and through the use of ducts provide cool air into the area. It is perfect for larger construction sites and weddings where you may not want the unit to be showing in the event area.

MOB-100 Portable Air Conditioner

The MOB-100 portable air conditioner is a high performing temporary air conditioning and dehumidification solution for construction sites and areas where stationary air conditioning is temporarily unavailable. This unit can provide easy and cost-effective cooling substitution for special events, emergency situations, construction sites, and other large areas that need temporary cooling. This unit is ideal for situations where you need a large amount of cooling.  

Cool Off with On Site

Escape the heat with a portable air conditioning unit from On Site. You might not need to buy one if you only need it for a single event, or if you only use it at a few construction sites a year, so renting can be the perfect option. With a variety of sizes and types to choose from, On Site has the perfect A/C unit for your company. Contact us today to see what we can offer you!

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