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Restrooms for Large Crowds: How to Plan Accordingly for Your Event

No matter how many weddings, concerts, festivals or public gatherings you’ve organized in the past, accommodating a massive group of people is never easy. These large-scale events require special considerations to ensure that all of your guests have quick and easy access to key resources, including food, water, entertainment and, perhaps most importantly, sanitation facilities. On Site takes pride in providing high-quality and affordable sanitation solutions for hundreds of event planners across the Midwest every single year. Today, to assist you with the process of planning your next big event, we’ll be discussing the most effective way to prepare restrooms for large crowds.

Determining How Many Restrooms Your Event Needs

First and foremost, you need to figure out approximately how many bathrooms your event will need. There are many factors and variables that can influence the ideal number of restrooms for your event, including the length of the event, whether there are more women than men and whether alcohol will be served. Luckily, we’ve developed a special event portable restroom calculator to take most of them into account. This tool will give you a solid estimate of how many portable toilets you should pick up. We also recommend renting at least one enhanced access restroom to accommodate handicapped guests. You may need more depending on the size of the crowd you’re catering to.

You should also consider procuring additional sanitation resources for your event to ensure that your guests can quickly and conveniently wash up and dispose of trash and waste. These will go a long way in keeping the venue clean and mitigating the spread of nasty germs and bugs. And if you choose the right provider to rent from, these extra supplies won’t cost you much. For example, On Site offers Instant Party Packages for special events. These vastly discounted combination deals contain a range of portable restrooms, hand washing stations and cardboard trash boxes to save you time and money.

Placing Portable Restrooms at Your Large Event

Obviously, we can’t give you exact information about where to arrange your sanitation units without knowing the specific details of your event, but we can give a few general tips and pieces of placement advice that will work for most gatherings. For example, it’s almost always a good idea to put a small cluster of restrooms near the entrance and exit of your event. That way, guests who are just arriving can relieve themselves or freshen up before heading in, and guests who are preparing to leave can use the facilities before embarking on the trip home. This strategy also familiarizes attendees with where they can find readily available toilets the second they walk through the entrance.

Note: To guarantee that your guests will find your sanitation units in good time, we recommend that you place several arrow signs around your event as well. After all, it never hurts to clarify where the bathrooms are.

When possible, we recommend that you strategically place your event restrooms near areas that will see the most traffic. This might sound obvious, but if your event features a ceremony, performance, act or area of interest that a high number of guests will attend, it’s imperative to put bathrooms nearby to maximize convenience. Otherwise, your attendees will be forced to choose between leaving on a five-minute jog to the facilities (and missing out on a key component of the event in the process) or suffering in silence for minutes (or hours) on end.

Some event planners fear that putting their portable bathrooms in plain view will negatively affect the atmosphere and experience of the event, but that’s simply untrue. Even the most generic porta potties are perfectly sanitary and use special chemicals to neutralize unpleasant odor, so you won’t have to worry about an ill-placed unit tainting the space around it with nasty smells or germs. And if you’re concerned about the bland or “unclassy” appearance of your units, you can trick them out with flowers, artwork, trinkets, ribbons and any other decorations that match the look and feel of the venue.

Put simply, you should always structure your restroom placement around convenience. If it takes any of your guests more than three or four minutes to reach a bathroom (from any given location in the venue), then odds are good that you’ve made a mistake.

Rent High-Quality Portable Restrooms from On Site Today

At On Site, we’re fully committed to ensuring that every event we service is a resounding success. That’s why we assign an experienced customer service representative to each of our clients to assist them with choosing the perfect number of sanitation units to rent and deciding where to place them. We’ll deliver clean and sanitized units to your event, service them whenever you need us to and take care of the entire cleanup and pickup process, granting you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on all the other aspects of your event.

If you’re interesting in renting comfortable and affordable restroom trailers or porta potties for your large event, then be sure to get a quote from On Site. We offer a phenomenal selection of portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers for any type of special event. If you need a large number of sanitation units or just want to save money, we highly recommend our standard special event portable restrooms. These hardy and compact models come with all of the space and amenities needed for the average user. For more information on this product and many others, check out our Special Events page.

Last but not least, if you have any questions about On Site or want more advice on how to provide sanitation resources for large groups of people, then don’t hesitate to call or message us today. We’d be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

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