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Septic Inspection Guide

A septic tank functions as part of a system, and is susceptible to failure. Prior to purchasing a home, the homebuyers should definitely have the septic tank inspected as part of a general property inspection. Below we cover some aspects of septic inspections, including the reasons for an inspection, the cost of an inspection, and the inspection process. At On Site Companies, we provide thorough septic tank pumping services for homeowners and businesses.

The Reasons for a Septic Tank Inspection

Septic tanks require inspection for the following reasons:

  • An inspection determines the capacity of the tank (if unknown) and if it complies with sewer requirements
  • An inspection identifies any problems with the tank, helping to avoid more expensive repairs or replacements, if the issues are left to fester.
  • An inspection identifies any current health risks associated with the tank, indicated by slow drainage, wet areas of the lawn, or bad odor around toilets.

Septic Tank Inspection Cost

The cost of a septic tank inspection will vary based on the level of the inspection, house location, and pumping rate in the region. The depth of the tank also affects the cost. Other services such as removal of the tank lid may add to the cost. The homebuyer usually pays for the septic tank inspection.

Septic Tank Inspection Process

A septic tank inspection may involve a visual inspection and/or a comprehensive inspection.

Visual Inspection

A professional visual inspection will include a house inspection in which the inspector asks general questions about the septic system’s maintenance. The inspector may record how often the tank has been pumped and the age of the home. The inspector will also test home appliances, run the water, and flush the toilets in the home. He or she will also perform a drainage test and check pressure levels. The inspector will also inspect the drainfield visually, noting if any stagnant water is present.

Comprehensive Inspection

With a full or comprehensive inspection, the inspector will focus on the entire septic system, including the septic tank. The inspection will include performing a drainage test, removing the cover of the tank and checking water levels. Using a water level analysis, the inspector will grade the drainage effectiveness of the tank.

The professional will perform a septic tank test to check the backflow from the tank’s absorption area. If there is blockage, there may be an issue with the drain field. The inspector will also perform a water flow test by running the water from the tap to see if it travels to the tank. This may involve placing a dye in the water to see how much of the dyed water reaches the tank. A greater water flow to the tank indicates an effective flowing system.

To learn about the septic tank pumping services we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 651.429.3781 or drop us a message by email at [email protected].

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