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Need an estimate for how many porta potties your event needs? Use this handy calculator! For a more specific quote tailored to your needs, call us today at 800-210-8407!

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Are things a bit damp at your job site?

The wet season will soon be upon us if it hasn’t started already. Don’t let moisture slow down your project!

When you rent a dehumidifier from On Site Companies, you get professional and reliable service, making sure your project stays on schedule and on budget.

Meet Max

200 Max Dehumidifier

The 200 Max Dehumidifier is a powerful and efficient way to remove moisture from any area. This dehumidifier removes more water and has more grain depression than any other refrigerant dehumidifier. It requires less electricity than most other pieces of equipment on the market without sacrificing performance. This dehumidifier is perfect for restoration projects, construction, and temporary flooding of an area.

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