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What are Portable Restroom Trailers?

What are Portable Restroom Trailers | On Site Companies

If you are hosting any type of outdoor event, it is imperative that you ensure your guests are well taken care of, including when it comes to their most personal needs that are usually addressed in a restroom. This can be done by renting portable restroom trailers. These trailers offer more than the typical standalone bathroom stall. They come with an array of amenities that simulate what you may find inside a residential home or commercial building. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of portable restroom trailers for the comfort, quality, and convenience of your guests or workers.

You can have portable restroom trailers dropped off and positioned at the site of your gathering or event before the day they are needed, ensuring that everyone who needs to can use the bathroom and take care of business.

Features of Portable Restroom Trailers

Modern portable restroom trailers offer a variety of important amenities and features for the user, including running sinks, urinals, toilets, and climate-controlled environments, to mention a few. Some come with multiple stalls and urinals per unit. The sinks are located near mirrors and soap dispensers. They have lighting and some have wheelchair access. They are also stocked with supplies.

Clean and Safe Portable Restroom Trailers

Your portable restroom trailer rentals will arrive clean and disinfected with hospital-grade supplies. Once your
event is over, they will be picked up and then cleaned and disinfected again. You don’t have to clean the units yourself.Renting portable restroom trailers ensures that every person onsite has access to a clean bathroom. They can feel confident that these portable bathrooms are safe for themselves and their children. The toilets will work and the water will run. There will be soap to wash their hands in addition to paper towels to dry their hands.

These portable bathroom trailers also provide ample space in which to move around. They are easy to access and can often accommodate multiple people at once.

Portable restroom trailers can also be used for long-term rentals as well. Common applications include commercial construction renovations, home remodels, and various industrial applications that leave workers without a restroom.

To learn about the various portable restroom trailers we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today 651.429.3781or reach us by email at [email protected].

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