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What Are the Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Pumping?

Keeping a septic tank properly maintained is important for the proper operation of the septic system. Proper cleaning, maintenance, and septic pumping will prevent unnecessary problems with the septic system down the road. Routine septic pumping clears waste out of the system and gives the septic system technician any indications if there are problems in the system. At On Site Companies, we can help ensure your septic system is properly cleaned and pumped, and adheres to relevant operational requirements.

The various benefits of septic tank pumping include:

Avoid Septic System Damage and Failures

The failure of a septic system can impose significant costs on the homeowner. If the septic pump fails, the tank will also fail. This can cause the material in the tank to seep into the soil or overflow, which can cause blocked sewer lines and drains, all of which can lead to significant water damage in the home or commercial building.

Protects Your Property

Routinely emptying the septic tank helps protect the property from the potential issue of overflow. It keeps your sinks, pipes, and toilets from clogging and backflow. It also enhances the efficient operation of the drain field.

Enhanced Water Quality and Efficiency

Regular tank pumping is necessary to prevent the risk of bio-solids forming in septic tanks. Pumping of the tank removes these solids and ensures they are disposed of properly. As a result, the efficiency of wastewater treatment is improved and so is the quality of the water.

Saves Money

Regular septic tank pumping prolongs the service life of the tank and ensures it operates smoothly and does not malfunction prematurely. Even though such maintenance may cost more upfront, it reduces costs associated with repair and/or tank replacement in the long run.

Depending on how much the septic tank is used and the size of the septic tank and your home, a reasonable septic tank pumping frequency may be every three to five years.

To learn about the septic tank pumping services we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today at 651.429.3781 or send us a message by email at [email protected].

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