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Equipping You With a Clean and Compliant Job Site

On Site Companies understands the unique needs and regulations for a clean and productive construction site. We offer a wide range of portable restrooms, portable hand wash sinks, and climate control equipment of various functions and styles for your short and long-term construction projects. We provide your job site with all of the equipment that you need to keep your work area supplied and comfortable.

All of our portable toilets and climate control solutions are available for rent in Minnesota, including Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mankato, Rochester, and Duluth areas, as well as St. Louis, Missouri. We will work with your company to provide climate control equipment and/or portable sanitation and services for your construction site.

Green Onsite portable restroom at bridge construction site

Benefits of Working With On Site Companies

OSHA Compliant

Per OSHA standards, employers with 20 or fewer employers must provide one toilet to their workers. Employers with 20 or more employees must provide one toilet and one urinal per 40 workers. If an employer has 200 or more employees, one toilet and one urinal are required for every 50 employees.

Increase Productivity

Neglecting to provide portable restrooms for your construction workers can easily decrease productivity. If you have mobile restroom rentals for your workers, they’ll have to leave the job site to use a restroom at a nearby business or convenience store. Our climate control systems ensure a regulated space for increased performance throughout each season.

Cleaning Services

Depending on your shifting workload and team size, you can change your cleaning services from one-time a week to two to three times a week.

Clean and Sanitary

To ensure optimal restroom cleanliness and sanitation, porta potties utilize cleaners that quickly break down waste and kill bacteria and germs.

Proper Waste Disposal

All of our portable restrooms are properly serviced, with all waste disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, according to the laws and regulations.

Easy to Arrange

Portable toilets are small and easy to arrange. This makes them ideal for spaces where you need as many toilets as possible. You’ll be able to fit more units in a small space, so you can comply with OSHA’s regulations no matter the size of your job site.

We’ll Focus on Equipping Your Site, So You Can Focus on Completing Your Project