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Special Events

We Are Expert Sanitization and Climate Control Event Planners

We are your partner for making your event memorable. From large music festivals to small graduation parties, we have the perfect solution for bringing comfort and enjoyment to all your guests.

Sanitation is our top priority. Our equipment is sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant and some of the most thorough cleaning procedures in the industry. Renting hand washing and hand sanitizing stations will help keep guests safe and feeling comfortable. For permanent needs of sanitation, we have SaniSinks available for sale. This provides both a hot and cold water source for washing hands and drinking with both soap and paper towel dispensers attached.

In addition to our standard special event portable restrooms and handwashing stations, we also offer a wide variety of luxury portable restroom trailers for events that require the elegant feel of a traditional stationary restroom. These units are perfect for outdoor weddings and corporate retreats. We have several different sizes and styles to choose from depending on your needs, including full wheelchair accessibility and ADA compliance. Units can include air conditioning, stereo systems, showers, and more to elevate your guests’ experience at your event.

Our climate control equipment will help give your guests a great experience in any weather. We have a wide variety of air conditioning units to keep your guests cool during hot days. Crowds love cooling off with our misting fans during the summer. For cold days, we have a wide variety of portable heating units to keep your event warm. Our climate control equipment has the ability to control the temperature of a tent for outdoor events.

We strive to make planning and hosting your events, of all sizes and occasions, easier by helping you find the perfect portable restrooms, sanitation rentals, and climate control equipment for your event.

Green Onsite portable restrooms

Private Events

Hosting events can be a stressful process, but our team makes finding the right portable restroom or air conditioner/heater rental for your event hassle-free. We serve a variety of private events such as weddings, graduation parties, and family gatherings by offering a range of standard to deluxe amenities to accommodate your event’s needs.

Large Events

Our experienced team knows how to successfully plan for large events and the restroom and climate control considerations that go into it. From corporate events that desire luxury restrooms to festivals that need numerous porta potties at different locations to winter events that require heated tents, we have the expertise and rentals to help plan and supply your event.

On site portable restrooms and sanitation station at fairgrounds

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