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Zack Mohs Life Changing Home Project

Zack Mohs

When tragedy strikes a family in a community, it is often local residents and businesses that come to their aid. Recently, On Site Companies was contacted by a local Minnesota resident Kris Young. She told us the story of her nephew, Zack Mohs, and about the night that changed their lives forever.

Zack Mohs, a 27-year-old South Saint Paul native who was living in Anchorage, Alaska and was working as a local bartender. One night a negligent driver hit Zack while he was crossing the street and the driver never stopped to help the innocent victim.  Zack was lying on the side of the road in terrible condition when a local resident, Ken Krasselt, found him and called for help. Mr. Krasselt also performed first aid on Zack before the medics could arrive. Zack arrived at a local hospital and doctors gave him little chance of recovery, after being in a coma for 30 days, Zack awoke surrounded by family. Mr. Krasselt even checked up on his condition after the crash.  It was later concluded that Zack would survive the ordeal, but the doctors were forced to amputate his left leg above the knee. Zack sustained several serious injuries including a brain and spinal cord that would require extensive therapy.

Zack’s mother Cheryl worked hard to get Zack back to Minnesota to continue his recovery with family and friends.  Because he had no health insurance and the driver of the vehicle was uninsured, bringing Zack home almost impossible.  But Cheryl succeeded, and he was then moved to the Courage Center of Golden Valley. Since this terrible accident his mother Cheryl made life-changing sacrifices to be with her son and make sure he receives the care he needs.

Zack’s family does not want him to be forced to live in a group home facility because they believe he deserves more than that.  Because of Zack’s mobility impairments, his family is building a new home that is safe and accessible to his needs.

When Zack’s aunt Kris contacted On Site Companies she only had one simple request. She inquired if On Site could donate one portable restroom unit for the construction site of the new home. After hearing about Zack’s story, On Site was more than happy to make this donation for the duration of the project.

If you would like to assist Zack in his future care or donate to the construction project, checks can be sent to the “Zack Mohs Supplemental Needs Trust” at Lake Elmo Bank Attn: Kris Young, 11465 39th St. N., Lake Elmo, MN 55042. To donate online, go to If you would like to follow Zack’s progress or find out about other ways you can help, go to  You can alway call Zack’s Mom – Cheryl too at 907-982-7496.

Click hear to read Zacks full story visit this article from


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