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Direct Fired Heater Tutorial Videos

Fixing Your Direct Fired Heater

The following videos are short tutorials on how to do some basic troubleshooting with your direct fired heater. If the problem after going through these videos, the problem persists, please contact one of our On Site Companies customer service representatives.

s405 direct fired heater side view

Dirty Flame Sensor Rod

You will be able to identify a dirty flame sensor rod on your direct fired heater when you start your heater and the flame ignites but then quickly extinguishes itself. To complete this tutorial all you will need is your direct fired heater and a piece of sand paper or emory cloth.

Cleaning Dirty Spark Plug

If the fan on the heater turns on, but the heater will not light you may have a dirty spark plug. A key indication that this is the case is if you smell gas with the fan is running. To complete this process you will need you direct fired heater and a wire brush.

Checking Fuel Connection and Levels

If you start your direct fired heater and the fan starts, but the flame doesn’t start you may have a bad fuel connection or low fuel levels. Check your spark plug as well. If the spark plug is functioning it may be a bad fuel connection.