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Residential Septic Services

Septic Tank and Holding Tank Pumping for Homes

Currently Serving Our Duluth Service Area

We are proud to pump septic tanks and holding tanks of residential homes in our Duluth service area. We will make sure that your septic system is properly pumped, cleaned, and meets current government regulations. Recreational vehicle (RV) pumping is also available as well.

Since septic tanks are designed for long-term use and are much larger than holding tanks, they don’t need to be pumped as often. They are also differentiated by their ability to treat wastewater and allow it to flow into the drain field. This provides extra room for incoming waste and helps cut down on the number of services needed for maintenance. We recommend septic tanks at non-seasonal homes get pumped at least every three years. However, we may recommend more or less pumping frequency depending on your amount of water usage and other factors.

Since holding tanks don’t have the ability to treat wastewater, they will require more frequent pumping. You may order a one-time holding tank pump but we recommend signing up for recurring scheduled pumping. Our industry expert representatives will find the optimal schedule based on your unique circumstance.

Seasonal residences can be scheduled for septic tank and holding tank pumping at much longer intervals. However, exactly how often they should receive services is dependent on a few variables: how often you reside at the home, how many people use the system, and the size of the tank are a few considerations. Our team of industry experts can recommend the perfect schedule for your home.

Preventative maintenance is the best approach to ensuring the proper operation of your septic system. Regular pumping, cleaning, and inspections can help prevent costly repairs. This can also cause unpleasant odors on your property and flooded swamps in your drain field. We are always happy to evaluate the status of your septic system and recommend any action that needs to take place for proper upkeep.

ONsite septic services truck in Wisconsin
Onsite residential septic services pulling hoses

Schedule Your Residential Septic Services or Holding Tank Pumping Today