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Septic Services

Prevent Costly Repairs With Regular Septic Maintenance

Currently Serving Our Duluth Service Area

We are proud to offer a wide variety of septic services to our service area in Duluth, Minnesota. We offer residential and commercial septic tanks and holding tank pumping services. For residential, this also includes recreational vehicle (RV) pumping. For commercial, this also includes grease trap pumping and septic cleaning. We will make sure that your septic system is properly pumped, cleaned, and meets current government regulations.

Preventative septic system maintenance by a licensed professional septic company is the best approach to avoiding costly repairs. Neglecting to do so could cause a variety of issues. For example, your tank could lose its ability to filter solid waste from liquid, which could cause solids to enter the drain field. This could cause your drain field to fail due to excessive clogging and would most likely cause a septic backup. Our team is more than happy to assess the condition of your septic system and recommend a schedule for regular services depending on factors like water usage, tank size, and so on.

Our staff of industry experts is more than happy to help you manage your septic system. Getting you on a set schedule, if you need services regularly, alleviates the hassle and worry of septic system service and maintenance. We can also provide advice on proper septic upkeep.

Residential Services

Regular septic maintenance ensures your septic system is running properly and prevents any odors or drain field flooding. Our team will assess your home to determine a personalized maintenance schedule that will protect your home now and in the future. For septic pumping in Duluth, MN, get in touch with us today!

Currently Serving Our Duluth Service Area

ONsite septic services truck in Wisconsin
Onsite Septic services truck

Commercial Services

Keep your commercial business operating by conducting regular septic and holding tank maintenance. When grease from cooking or washing builds up, it can cause your septic system to fail, putting your business on hold and causing costly repairs.

Currently Serving Our Duluth Service Area

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