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Portable Heating

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Portable Heater Rentals for Job Sites, Tents, and Buildings

At On Site Companies, we provide a range of portable heater rentals, including temporary industrial-grade heaters for construction sites, enclosed flame heaters for heating tents and special events, electric heaters for businesses, and a temporary heat rental in Duluth, MN.

Our Portable Heater Rentals

Minnesota winters are a cold time of the year. With our direct fired portable heaters, we can make any location or occasion an enjoyable and comfortable one. Our team will work with you or your business to ensure you find the right heating solution for your space, whether it’s a large outdoor area or a small confined room.

We offer an array of portable heater rentals, including direct fired construction site heaters and heaters that may be used for various applications, including indoors and outdoors. Some of our heaters are light enough to be moved by one person. Other larger units from our selection can operate on either natural gas or propane.

On top of our direct fired heaters, we also offer:

  • Indirect fired heaters: Perfect for providing clean-burning heat to your construction job site or event.
  • Direct fired enclosed flame heaters: Perfect for construction sites, homes, or special events, such as duct into tents for weddings or other tent events.
  • Electric heaters: Designed to be used in small spaces where non-combustible heat sources are required.
  • Convection heaters: Providing temporary heating needs often used for job sites that aren’t set up with utilities or at homes during remodels.

Direct Fired Heater Efficiency

Our selection of direct fired heaters for rent is exceptionally reliable and efficient. The reliability of these direct fired heaters means that any maintenance requirements are minimal. They are able to generate a greater quantity of heat within a smaller envelope compared to other heaters. With these heaters, the flame contacting the fuel source generates the heat, which means almost all of the fuel is converted into usable heat.

Rent Your Portable Heaters

To learn more about the temporary heat rental in Mankato, MN options we offer for various applications, give us a call today at (800) 210-8407. You can also reach us through email at [email protected].

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