200 Max Dehumidifier

The 200 Max Dehumidifier is a powerful and efficient way to remove moisture from any area. This industrial dehumidifier removes more water and has more grain depression than any other refrigerant dehumidifier rental. It requires less electricity than most other pieces of equipment on the market without sacrificing performance. The refrigerant dehumidifier rental is perfect for restoration projects, construction, and temporary flooding of an area.

Benefits of the 200 Max Dehumidifier include:

Improved water removal of a maximum of 30 gallons per day
Improved grain depression
Multiple air filter options
Multiple ducting options
Internal pump with 30ft. of hose

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Condensate Removal at 95° at 60% RH 15 gal/day
Fan 290 CFM
Electrical Requirements 120V, 7.4 amps, 851 watts
Length 21"
Width 24"
Height 40"
Weight 131 lbs