Portable Restroom Electric Heater

Rent for: $30.00

When winter rolls around, it is important your workers feel as comfortable as possible on the job site or your guests are cozy during chilly outdoor events. Portable restrooms can be kept warm through the cold months with the use of our Portable Restroom Electric Heater. Safely upgrade your porta potties into heated portable restrooms.

Along with providing comfort to your site, heaters are also required by Minnesota State Law Revisor 5207.0800 which states, “Where privies are not placed inside of heated building, provisions shall be made for heating privies to a minimum of heat that can be emitted from the installation of a 1,300 watt heater or other type equivalent heater.” Our Portable Restroom Electric Heaters meet these requirements.

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Length 10"
Width 8"
Height 16"

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