Special Event Restroom

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When organizing a special event, you want to make a good impression, and the restroom facilities you provide are a vital part of any social gathering success. Your guests or workers on a construction site need the type of restrooms that are sanitary, well-maintained, and easy-to-use. At On Site Companies, that’s what we provide with our Special Event Restrooms. These are ideal for use as bathroom rentals for weddings and much more!

Portable Restrooms for Weddings and Other Special Events

Our special event restroom units are delivered clean, sanitized, and ready to use, meeting the highest standards in the industry. We wash your special event restrooms down with hospital-grade disinfectant that destroys bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. This maximizes sanitation by cleaning areas that a brush simply cannot reach.

Whether you are planning a small birthday party with family and friends or a larger multi-day event, we have the special event restroom solution you need. You can have confidence that your guests will have access to clean, safe, and easy-to-use portable restrooms onsite.

Whether you need porta potty wedding rental units, portable restrooms for weddings, or porta potty rentals for parties, conventions, fairs, family reunions, corporate outings, or other outdoor gatherings, we have you covered with our special event restroom rentals.

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For more information about the wedding porta potty and other special event restrooms we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today at 651.429.3781 or leave us an email at [email protected].

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Weight 215 lbs
Length 48"
Width 44"
Height 91"
Door Opening 73" x 24"
Floor Space 21.5" x 42"
Standard Tank Volume 70 gal
Seat Height 18"

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