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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 4/5/2024

By accepting this Agreement, the “Bill To” party on the Invoice (“Customer”) agrees with On Site

Companies, Inc. (“On Site”) to these terms and conditions (“Terms”) for the rental of the equipment

identified in the Invoice (“Equipment”).




The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date referred to on the Invoice and shall continue from

month to month (based on 28 days) thereafter, until the later of (i) the date the Agreement is terminate and

the Equipment has been redelivered to On Site as hereinafter provided, or (ii) the end of the minimum

rental period (one, 28 day period).


All monthly Equipment and services are billed at an agreed upon rate 28 days in advance of service,

subject to applicable taxes. After a 28-day minimum is met, On Site will prorate by the week. Prices are

subject to change.

A security deposit shall be paid by Customer to On Site concurrently with the execution of this

Agreement provided that the amount is set forth on the face hereof. The security deposit shall be

returned to Customer within ten (ten) days of the termination of the Agreement, provided the

Equipment shall be delivered as provided in Paragraph ____, vacated and left in a clean, sanitary and

undamaged condition by Customer and provided that the Agreement is not in any way otherwise in



Payment is net ten (10) days from the date of Invoice upon approved credit. Customer will be

invoiced in advance for 28 days of service for a re-occurring rental or a one-time rental. All past

due amounts under this Agreement shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per billing cycle (or at

the highest rate permitted by law) from the date due until paid. This Agreement shall be effective

immediately and shall continue in effect until On Site receives written notice of termination from

Customer, which shall be no less than seven (7) days after On Site receipt of said notice of termination.


Customer agrees that Customer has personally inspection the Equipment, and accepts the Equipment as

being in good and sanitary order, condition, and repair. No alterations shall be made to the Equipment

and the Equipment shall not be moved from the location of delivery without the prior consent of On Site.

Any relocation shall be made only be On Site on a date and time agreed to by the Parties. Customer shall

pay On Site in advance normal charges for relocation in cash.


The Equipment shall be kept be Customer:

(a) in good condition and repair (ordinary wear and tear excepted);

(b) supplied with all necessary parts;

(c) at the delivery location referred to on the face hereof;

(d) subject to inspection by On Site;

(e) free of all security interests and other claims;

(f) conspicuously labeled to disclose On Site’s ownership, which Customer shall also

maintain and shall not remove or deface. The Equipment leased to Customer shall only be used

for intended uses, and for no other reason whatsoever. No perishables, inflammables, explosives

or hazardous goods or property shall be placed within or near the Equipment, unless required for

the use of the Equipment. Customer shall be responsible for all damage or loss to On Site as a

result of said events. Customer shall not permit the Equipment to become or remain a fixture to

any real estate; and.

(g) Equipment shall remain under the sole control, possession, and operation of the Customer

and its employees. Customer shall not allow the Equipment to be used by any other person or



Credit card provided by Customer is current and accurate. Customer is authorizing On Site to charge

Customer’s credit card in the amount specified within this Agreement, as well as any other fees listed

below, if applicable.


Cancellations notified at least 48 hours prior to delivery of the Equipment, 50% of full payment will be

returned. If notified 0-47 hours prior to delivery, no refund will be returned.

Cancellation of delivery upon arrival for a recurring portable restroom rental will be subject to a trip

charge. Special event orders that are cancelled with at least 48 hours’ notice prior to delivery, will receive

50% of full payment returned. Failure to notify On Site within 48 hours of delivery – no refund will be



On Site will not be held responsible for Customer’s failure to designate Equipment placement at time of

delivery. If Equipment is set in an undesired area because Customer failed to designate placement area On

Site reserves the right to issue a trip charge, plus fuel costs.

Customer agrees not to remove Equipment from site or permit the Equipment to be removed from the site

without notification of doing so to On Site.


Customer will immediately notify On Site and discontinue use of Equipment that is or becomes unsafe or

dangerous. Customer shall provide unobstructed access to Equipment on the day of servicing or removal

or be subject to a trip charge plus fuel costs, and/or delayed service or removal.

Customer grants On Site the right and privilege to enter on the real property where the Equipment is

located as well as access to the Equipment at reasonable times, for the purpose of inspection, or for

making such repairs or alterations as may, in On Site’s opinion, be necessary or proper, or for the purpose

of determining whether the Customer is in conformity with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Customer shall furnish On Site a duplicate key/keys to any Equipment that has a lock for the purpose of

permitting entry by On Site or On Site’s as provided above. Customer agrees that when the Equipment is

located on property not owned by Customer, then Customer will obtain the consent of the owner of that

real property to On Site’s right to enter for all purposes provided for under this Agreement.


Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless On Site from and against all claims, lawsuits, damages,

losses, expenses, fines or penalties of any kind (“Claims”) directly or indirectly arising out of the rental,

Equipment or this Agreement. Customer also acknowledges that On Site has no responsibility or

indemnification obligations related to or arising out of this Agreement.


Customer acknowledges and agrees that its maximum recourse against On Site, and On Site’s maximum

liability, for any Claims arising out of, or any way related to this Agreement, or the Equipment, shall be

strictly limited to the amount On Site charged to Customer under this Agreement.

Customer shall bear the risk of loss and damage to Equipment. In the event of damage, other than

damaged caused directly by On Site, Customer shall pay the cost or repair or replacement.

In no event shall On Site be liable for any i) expense of any kind arising out of or related to the rental of

the Equipment; ii) incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages (including, but not limited to

damage to grounds due to Customer’s delivery instructions), or; iii) any amount in excess On Site

receives from Customer as payment under this Agreement.


Customer acknowledges and agrees that On Site does not provide any warranty, express or implied, as to

any matter whatsoever including, without limitations, regarding the condition of the Equipment, its design,

its capacity, its performance, or its fitness for a particular purpose. Customer further acknowledges and

agrees that On Site disclaims any liability whatsoever for loss, damage or injury to the Customer or any third

parties arising from the Equipment, or as a result of any defects, latent or otherwise, with the Equipment.


Customer shall keep the Equipment insured against all risks of loss or damage from every cause

whatsoever for not less than the full replacement value thereof; and shall carry liability and property

damage insurance covering the Equipment and On Site’s operation and handling of the Equipment.

On Site will not and does not have any responsibility to insure Customer’s property and hereby waives all

claims against Customer for damages to goods, wares and personal property in, upon or about the

Equipment from any cause whatsoever while in Customer’s possession. Customer hereby agrees to hold

On Site exempt and harmless and to indemnify On Site from any damages or injury to any person or to

the goods, wares and personal property of any person, arising from the use of the Equipment by Customer

or from the failure to on Customer to keep the Equipment in good condition and repair.


Customer shall bear the entire risk of all loss, theft, damage, destruction, or other interruption or

termination of use of the Equipment, and personal property stored therein, from any cause whatsoever

during the term hereof and until the return of the Equipment to On Site. No such loss, theft, damage,

destruction or other interruption or termination of use of the Equipment, or personal property stored

therein, shall relieve Customer of the obligation hereunder. Customer shall promptly notify On Site in

writing of the occurrence of any of the above events and shall promptly pay On Site the Replacement Cost

of the Equipment.


If Customer shall be in default in the performance of any of the terms, covenants or conditions of this

Agreement, including but not limited to, the covenant for the payment of money under this Agreement,

then, at the sole option of On Site, On Site may (a) terminate the Agreement, (b) take possession of the

Equipment wherever the same may be found, with or without process of law, and for that purpose may

enter upon any premises where the Equipment is located; (c) change the locks and refuse access by

Customer to the Equipment, and (d) On Site shall have lien on any property of Customer in the

Equipment, which On Site may at its sole option exercise, or alternatively waive. By execution of this

Agreement, Customer releases On Site and agrees to hold harmless from any and all claims for liability or

damages arising or claimed to arise as a result of the options granted to On Site under the terms of this

paragraph. Upon default, On Site shall retain all rents, rentals, and other sums paid by the Customer

hereunder with respect to such Equipment.


This Agreement may be terminated by either party, by ten (10) days of prior written notice of intention to

terminate given as herein provided to the other party. Upon the termination of this Agreement, Customer

shall surrender the Equipment and all keys thereto, and shall remove all property from the Equipment for

pick up by On Site in the same condition and state of repair as at the inception of this Agreement,

reasonable wear and tear alone excepted.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota. There shall be no

presumption or inference against the party drafting this Agreement in construing or interpreting its

provisions. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with regard to its

subject matter, superseding all prior negotiations and agreements, and shall not be amended, altered or

changed except in writing signed by both parties. The parties hereto irrevocably and unconditionally

waive, to the fullest extent possible, their right to a jury trial in any suite, action, or proceeding on any

matter arising from or relating to these Terms.

Sanitation Terms


Due to winter climate conditions, On Site will impose a winter service charge which covers the

additions costs related to, but not limited to freeze prevention costs, and additional labor.

Customer agrees to environmental fee if they use, create, dispose, or store hazardous materials.

Customer agrees that On Site may increase its fuel surcharge and/or haul rate to adjust for any increase to

On Site costs.


Customers choosing to opt-out of the damage waiver program must sign and return

a release form to avoid the additional charge. Customer is still responsible for all personal injuries or

property damage as set forth in the rental agreement. The damage waiver is valid for all instances of

damage except damage due to Customer’s neglect or misuse.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for luxury trailer rental. The remaining balance for rental is due

4 weeks priors to delivery. If a cancellation is notified at least 4 weeks prior to delivery, up to 50% of

balance (not including non-refundable deposit) will be returned. If notified within 4 weeks of delivery, no

refund will be returned.

Climate Control Terms


Customer is responsible for following any city or local codes requiring Burner Permits or LP Permits.

Certain local governments require a mechanical contractor to make connections to fuel source. An

electrician is required for AC units power connections 3.5 ton and above, and for power on P1800 and

above electric units.


Diesel #1 fuel required on all ground heaters. On Site has diesel fuel fills available.


Customer agrees that On Site may increase its fuel surcharge to adjust for any increase to On Site costs


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