P1800 Electric Heater

The P1800 Electric Heater is a portable space heater rental that can provide you with clean and efficient heat to your construction job site, lab, store, or commercial area. This heater doesn’t produce any noxious fumes, so you won’t have to worry about ducting out harmful gasses.

Benefits of the P1800 Electric Heater include:

Built-in thermostat
Forced air blower
Overheat protection
Rugged steel housing
Cycles heater on and off automatically
No need for expensive receptacles
Circulates room air for efficient use of heated air
The unit will safely shut down if the blower is restricted

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BTU/kw 65,000 / 18, 41,200 / 12
Fan 590 CFM
Ductable No
Electrical Requirements 240V, 75 amps, 1Ø
Length 30"
Width 14"
Height 20"
Weight 62 lbs