MOB-250 Portable Air Conditioner

The MOB0-250 Portable Air Conditioner is our largest air conditioning unit providing temporary and portable relief from the heat. This air conditioner can be ducted into any building to provide you with cool air. The MOB-250 is perfect as a temporary solution for your cooling needs in situations such as special events and times when you need emergency cooling.

Typical applications of the MOB-250 Portable Air Conditioner:

Tents and special events
Aerospace industries
Building or plant maintenance

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Cooling Capacity 290,000 BTU/Hr
Fan 10,000 CFM
Air Volume 25 tons
Power Cord Gauge 6 AWG (4-core)
Power Supply 460V, 57 amps, 3PH
Length 128"
Width 92"
Height 63"
Weight 3,200 lbs