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Private Events

We Focus on Your Guest’s Comfort, So You Can Focus on Making Memories

There is a lot of planning that goes into hosting your private party. We have a wide variety of products and services that will help make sure your special day goes smoothly.

Whether it’s a graduation party, baby shower, family reunion, or memorial service we have your temporary sanitation and climate control needs covered. Analyzing variables such as the number of people that will be attending the event and whether or not alcohol will be served, our staff of industry experts can recommend the perfect solution for your event.

In addition to our standard portable restrooms and handwashing stations, we also offer a wide variety of luxury portable restroom trailers for events that require the stylish feel of a traditional stationary restroom. These luxury units are perfect for outdoor weddings! We have several different sizes and styles to choose from, including full wheelchair accessibility and ADA compliance. Units with stereo systems are also available to give your event a special touch.

We won’t let the weather ruin your special event. We have a wide variety of air conditioning units to help keep your guests cool during the warmer season or misting fans to cool larger groups. For the colder season, we have a wide variety of temporary heating units to keep your tent warm and cozy during outdoor events.

Private events are a time of celebration and festivities for you and your guests. With On Site, we take care of all your sanitation and climate control needs, so you can focus on making memories with your friends and family.

Let Us Help You Make Your Private Event Memorable and Comfortable