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5 Key Signs You Need Septic Pumping

septic pumping

Homeowners who do not have a municipal sewage service rely on septic tanks to handle their sewage. Those septic tanks require regular pumping service to ensure they work efficiently. According to Bob Vila, homeowners who have septic tanks should pump and empty them at least once every five years and as often as every three years. Here are five key signs that your septic tank needs a septic pumping service.

1. You’re Having Flushing Issues With the Toilet

You might notice your toilet is not flushing as well as it should. You also might experience frequent backups that force you to use the plunger. Those are sure signs that the septic system has a blockage that septic pumping could remove. The blockage is often due to the accumulation of sludge in the drainage system.

2. You Hear Gurgling Sounds Accompanied by Slow Drainage

When the septic drain is partly blocked, you might hear gurgling sounds coming from the toilet after you flush it. That sound is caused by trapped air slowing down the drainage following the flushing of your toilet. A septic pumping service could remove the partial blockage, restore full drainage, and stop these gurgling sounds.

3. There Is Water Pooling on the Lawn

When water pools up on your lawn despite no recent rain, the problem might be the septic system. If the water is pooling up within the septic tank’s drainage field or over the septic tank, you almost certainly have a problem with the septic system. Having your septic system serviced should remove the standing water and improve your system.

4. The Lawn Is Especially Green Over the Septic System

Leaking sewage will fertilize the part of your lawn that is located above it. You might notice the lawn or other plants are especially lush, full, and green, but that is not a good sign. Instead, it suggests your septic system needs to be serviced and might require pumping or repairs to fix the problem.

5. There Is a Foul Odor on Your Lawn

When your lawn literally stinks, poor septic system drainage often is the problem. You might have another issue with the septic tank, too. Scheduling an inspection can help to identify the problem, and septic pumping might be the cure.

Are you in need of septic pumping services? Turn to On Site Companies. If you notice one or more key signs that indicate septic pumping or other services are needed, you can call us today to learn more and schedule a septic system service.

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