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30 Years of On Site Companies


This December, On Site Companies is excited to celebrate its 30th anniversary. In the past three decades, On Site has grown from a simple mom and pop business for porta potty rental in Minnesota to a company with more than one hundred employees over five branches and multiple services.

The Early Years

On Site Companies was founded by Dave and Karen Holm in 1989 with truly humble beginnings. It was started with “a truck and a cellphone.” That truck was a used one at that, driven to Minnesota from Ohio. “Dave flew out to get the truck,” says Dave’s daughter, Molly. “He only took a toolbox with him. The truck broke down on the way to Minnesota, so it’s a good thing he had the tools.”

In the early years, Dave was salesman, operations manager, and technician. Dave would take the call, drive the truck, place and service units, and handle all customer service. His wife, Karen, would come home from her fulltime job to do the bookkeeping at night. Dave and Karen’s children, Molly and Russ, were “cheap child labor” in the summers, assembling porta potties. Russ and Molly would also go out in the truck with Dave on calls on days off from school.

Dave worked longed hours in those days, but always had his eye on the future. “I remember when we got our first computer,” reminisces Russ. “We didn’t know exactly what we were going to use it for, but we knew it was going to be important if we wanted to grow.”

Growth Spurt

Growth was always the goal, and growth did come in the early days. It wasn’t long before On Site Sanitation (as it was called then) added its first official employees both in the field and in the office. From there, the growth continued, with more team members to help with routes and deliveries.

The next big landmark came in 1993 with the acquisition of the current headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. “It was essentially three people in this big building,” remembers Russ. “Everything was in an enclosed office [on the west end of the building] and everything else was essentially empty. It was projected growth.”

“Our grandfather was instrumental to buying this building,” recalls Molly. Indeed, today there is a plaque commemorating Alan Holm at On Site’s headquarters.

Another milestone in the 90s was the addition of climate control equipment rental to On Site’s services. It came about as a way to continue to grow the business by adding more services that complimented the sanitation side of the business. On Site was now truly more than porta potty rental in Minnesota.

Branching Out

While On Site Companies started in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, they would soon expand, opening branch offices. St. Louis, the oldest of the branches, celebrated its own fifteen year anniversary in 2019.

Beyond St. Louis, On Site Companies now has branches in Rochester and Mankato, Minnesota. And, as of October, 2019, On Site is excited to have expanded its services to the Duluth, Minnesota area. All of On Site’s branches offer the same On Site services and maintain its high standard of professional service, utilizing our efficient routing and technology to make sure what you get at a branch is the same thing you would get at our main office.

On Site and The PSAI

On Site has been a long-time member of the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI). Karen Holm served as president of the PSAI for two non-consecutive terms. On Site has always endeavored to exemplify the standards of the PSAI. “We want to elevate our industry,” says Molly. The professional standards of On Site mesh perfectly with those of the PSAI and On Site is proud to continue to contribute to the growth of the sanitation industry.

Today and Tomorrow

In early 2019, Dave and Karen Holm’s children, Russ and Molly, officially took ownership of On Site Companies. Both Molly and Russ worked for On Site since the beginning, working their way up in the company. As a teenager, Russ would help on routes and service. When climate control equipment was added, Russ learned how to be a heat technician. Molly too started at “the bottom,” working in the office in various roles. “In my eyes, I’ve always had a stake in On Site,” says Russ. “I’ve always taken ‘ownership.’”

One thing both Russ and Molly want to credit for the success of On Site is the hard work and dedication of all the staff over the past thirty years. “It takes a team,” says Russ. “The way we’ve grown is thanks to others.”

As On Site Companies heads into its next stage of life, we’re excited to continue to grow and keep serving our customers. Here’s to the next thirty years!

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On Site Companies: Certified Women Owned Business

There is a stereotype in our culture for “business owner.” Often times, the knee-jerk image in our head is of man. Culturally, this was certainly true for a very long time, but those times have been over for generations. On Site Companies is proud to be a Women Owned Business, certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

What is the WBENC?

The WBENC is the United States’ largest certifier of women-owned businesses. Founded in 1996 by four women in Texas, the WBENC officially launched in March of 1997 with eleven corporate members. One of the core missions of the WBENC is ensure women owned business enterprises participate in the global economy.

Today, there are more than 14,000 certified WBEs in the United States and more added constantly. There are also corporate and government members of the WBENC. The corporate members of the WBENC consist primarily of Fortune 500 companies and include in their ranks Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, General Motors, and more.

Women Owned Business Certification

What does it mean to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise? To be eligible for certification, a business must be at least 51% owned and controlled and operated by a woman. Businesses must also complete a certification process.  The process includes formal documentation and site visits by one of the WBENC’s regional partner organizations.

There are many benefits to being a certified WBE. The most obvious benefit to being a certified WBE is national recognition by thousands of major U.S. corporations and federal, state and local government entities. Many government contracts for projects require a percentage of the funding to go to WBEs whether as subcontractors or service providers on the project.

The Women of On Site

Today, On Site Companies is owned by Karen Holm (alongside her husband, co-founded, and co-owner, Dave) and Karen’s daughter, Molly is vice president of the company. Beyond that, a third of the company-wide leadership team consists of women. Outside of leadership, we have women working in every facet of our business.

WBE, Professional, and Reliable

When your project or event needs professional and reliable temporary sanitation or climate control services, as well as needing certified WBE service providers, contact On Site at 800-210-8407.

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We Are St. Louis

We are St. Louis

In 2019, On Site Companies celebrates its 15th year in St. Louis. Fifteen years go by extremely fast! As a member of the St. Louis community for the past fifteen years, we’ve seen good times and bad and been with you for it all.  Today, St. Louis is the oldest branch in our 30-year-old company, just behind the original head office in St. Paul, MN.

A Brief History of Time

On Site came to St. Louis in 2004 when an opportunity arose with a client to provide temporary climate control services. Russ Holm, son of found Dave Holm and current Vice President of On Site Companies, moved to St. Louis to help set up the office. Russ would spend the next several years in St. Louis helping the branch get off the ground before eventually moving back home, getting married, and eventually leading On Site companies with his sister, Molly.

In 2014, On Site Companies expanded its St. Louis services to include not just temporary heat and cooling but temporary sanitation as well. On Site brought the same reliable and professional service On Site was known for in Minnesota to the St. Louis community.

Today, there are ten team members on On Site: St. Louis. All team members are local St. Louis residents who know the community because they are part of the community.

The Home Town Team

Despite the roots in Minnesota, The St. Louis branch is 100% staffed by a team of local St. Louis residents. (And, even though Russ is back in Minnesota, his visits to St. Louis are like coming to a second home after all his time living there.) Branch manager Ralph Morehouse grew up in South St. Louis, before heading out to be part of the 82nd Airborne in the Army. After his service, Ralph returned to St. Louis and has lived and worked there since.

To see more about the St. Louis team, check out our YouTube channel to see our new Team Spotlights!

St. Louis’s Best Kept Secret

Fifteen years and On Site is just getting started! We can’t wait to show you why we’re St. Louis’s best kept secret. When it comes to temporary sanitation for your special event, construction project, or large event, we have the units you need. We’re also ready to help you with cooling and dehumidification during the summer months and heating during the winter months to keep your projects going.

Call us today at 636-519-0507 to talk to our team of local experts!

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Minnesota River Builder’s Association Annual Golf Tournament

We at On Site Companies were so happy to be able to participate in the Minnesota River Builders Association (MRBA) 22nd annual Legacy Golf Tournament a few weeks ago! The MRBA is a builder’s association out of Mankato, MN and we’re very proud to be a member. On the day of the tournament hosted a hole and had tons of fun playing pong with the association members throughout the day. We had a feeling that it was going to be a beautiful day, so we decided to make a little video highlighting the event! Check it out below. (more…)

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Holiday Food Drive

At On Site, we are always looking for ways to give back to our community. Between donations of portable restrooms, to donating our time to community service programs, we try to help out the projects and neighborhoods surrounding us. Because of this dedication to give back, this holiday season we were so proud to host our first annual food drive! We had set a goal of four boxes of food and $200 in cash to be donated to the Keystone Community Services Food Shelf in St. Paul, MN. Our whole staff pitched in and we are happy to announce that we exceeded our goals! Here is what we ended up collecting. (more…)

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Big Week at On Site

Containment Pan Black

2015 is already looking to be a big year for On Site Companies, and this week has made that fact even more evident. This week marks the culmination of years of planning by On Site, and we are so excited to be celebrating some milestones in our company growth.

Our PC Scale Tower Computer System Goes Live

On Site is so happy to announce our new integrated PC Tower software system. This system allows us to connect our CRM, accounting and dispatch systems into one efficient process. Because of this new software, we will be able to better serve our customers in the future using a more integrated and  digital approach to day-to-day operations. Also, our new drivers are now using tablet technology, which means we will be using significantly less paper in the future. It will also allow our drivers to be able to perform their job duties more efficiently and with better communication to our customers. With this new system, less paper and less fuel will greatly reduce our use of valuable environmental resources. (more…)

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On Site Expanding Portable Restrooms to St. Louis, Missouri

On Site Companies is proud to announce the expansion of our portable sanitation products to the St. Louis, Missouri area. We have served the St. Louis area for many years with our array of portable heating and air conditioning products, which we have greatly enjoyed doing. Because we believe in the area so much, we believe that our portable sanitation services would also be a good fit for the community. (more…)

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Instant Party Packages Just in Time for Spring

Spring has finally sprung in this year and everyone knows what that means, outdoor parties and events. Whether you are throwing a family re-union, graduation party or backyard wedding, you will most likely have to arrange additional portable restrooms for your guests. Instead of guessing what sanitation products you will need, you can let On Site take the guess work out and combine it all into one convenient package. We are happy to announce On Site’s new Instant Party Packages. (more…)

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Now Serving Mankato, MN!

On Site Companies of Rochester, MN is proud to announce that we will be extending out delivery area to Mankato, MN. For years, On Site of Rochester has served the southern region of Minnesota with portable restroomstemporary heating and cooling rentals and mobile surveillance. Because of the large expansions in Mankato, we have decided that the community would be the perfect location for us to expand our offerings in the state.  With our broad offerings, we know that we can bring the same professional touch to the Mankato region. (more…)

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Our Friend James

“Community Involvement.” Companies aspire to this goal and frequently consider this an important component of their corporate mission statement. Whether donating to charities, providing sponsorship dollars or in-kind donations for local community events, “giving back” is important and valuable to all involvement. Quite frequently, however, this involvement is generic in nature. “We give to this organization,” or “We contribute this sum of money to this cause.” (more…)

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