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Propane vs. Natural Gas: The Right Fuel for Your Job Site

Image of gas being hooked up with title

As winter is finally here, construction sites face the challenge of maintaining a comfortable working environment for their teams. Selecting the appropriate fuel for construction heaters is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable heat. Propane and natural gas are two common options, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will explore and compare these two fuels to help you make an informed decision for your winter construction heating needs.

1. Availability and Accessibility:

One of the primary considerations when choosing between propane and natural gas for construction heaters is the availability of the fuel. Natural gas is often more readily available in urban areas where gas pipelines are common. On the other hand, propane is stored in tanks and can be delivered to virtually any location, making it a more versatile option, especially for remote construction sites.

2. Energy Content and Efficiency:

Propane and natural gas differ in their energy content, affecting the efficiency of the heating process. Propane has a higher energy content per unit volume, providing more heat when burned. This can result in faster heating and better performance, especially in extremely cold conditions. However, natural gas can be a cost-effective option if the infrastructure is already in place, as it typically has a lower cost per unit of energy.

3. Environmental Impact:

Concerns about environmental impact are becoming increasingly important in construction decisions. Natural gas is considered a cleaner-burning fuel compared to propane, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants. If environmental sustainability is a priority for your project, natural gas may be the preferred option.

4. Storage and Handling:

The storage and handling of the fuel are crucial factors to consider on a construction site. Propane is stored in portable tanks, providing flexibility in placement and allowing for easy relocation. Natural gas, being supplied through pipelines, requires a more permanent and fixed infrastructure. The ease of handling and flexibility of propane make it a convenient choice for construction sites with changing layouts.

5. Cost Considerations:

The cost of fuel is a significant factor in decision-making. While natural gas may have a lower cost per unit of energy, the installation of pipelines and infrastructure can incur substantial upfront expenses. Propane, with its portable storage tanks, may have a higher fuel cost but could be more cost-effective in terms of infrastructure and installation, especially for temporary construction projects.


Choosing between propane and natural gas for construction heaters involves evaluating factors such as availability, energy content, environmental impact, storage, handling, and cost. The decision ultimately depends on the specific requirements and circumstances of your construction site. Consider consulting one of our account representatives and assessing the long-term needs of your project to make an informed choice that ensures the comfort and productivity of your construction team during the winter months.

Learn more:

To learn about what heater is best for you click here.

To check out our heater options click here.

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The Perfect Portable Heater For Your Construction Project

The Perfect Portable Heater for your Construction Project with heater in the background

With winter looming right around the corner here in the Midwest, it’s never too soon to think about how you’re going to prepare your construction site. Snow and freezing temperatures sometimes make a job harder to do, as well as just plain uncomfortable for the employees. If you only use a heater a few times a year, purchasing one may not be the best option.

With all sorts of different heaters available like a convection, direct fire, or indirect fire you might not know which option will be best for your project or site. Heater rental can provide you with a quality heater and save you money, but what kind of heater will you really need? (more…)

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Most Efficient Ground Thaw Units

Driving holes and excavating materials from the ground in an efficient manner requires the use of powerful tools and equipment. This work usually cannot be done successfully on frozen ground. To solve this problem, ground thaw units are used to warm up large sections of earth, allowing for earthwork and concrete pouring. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of ground thaw units to assist you in the completion of construction projects during the cold winter months.

Construction projects must still go forward even when the weather is colder from late fall, through winter, and into early spring. Construction companies must take additional steps during the cold weather season to ensure the ground is warm enough to manage, for drilling, excavation, and foundation construction purposes. Ground thawing units enable construction projects to move forward without delays that can cause problems for both the contractor and the clients. Interruptions in project schedules often means loss of revenue and other problems.

E5000 Thaw Ground Unit

We offer an array of thaw ground units, including our largest – the E5000. The E5000 hydronic ground heater is our most powerful ground thawing machine. It works fast to thaw frozen ground, prevent frost, cure concrete, and distribute temporary heat during the chill of the winter season. It includes a positive displacement pump that maximizes air flow and delivers heat reliably and consistently.

Its 83% heating efficiency is the highest in the industry. The unit is easy to set up, requiring no open flames or fumes. One of these units alone can thaw 10,000 square feet of frozen ground and cure as much as 10,000 square feet of concrete at a speed of 1 foot per day. The unit includes a strobe light that indicates from a distance if all heater systems are functioning properly.

Smaller Ground Thawing Units

Beyond the E5000 hydronic ground haw heater, we also offer the E3000 hydronic ground heater, E1250 ground thaw heater, and ground thaw box. Each of these ground heaters help ensure important excavation and foundation work gets done on time and projects stay on track.

One option to increase the speed at which the ground is thawed, and concrete can be cured during cold winter days is to combine the use of these ground thawing heaters with our standard ground thawing blankets. The combination can increase the efficiency of ground thawing and help keep foundation work on schedule.

For more information about the selection of ground thawing units we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today at 800.210.8407 or send an email to

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Types of Ground Heaters and Common Uses

In the winter months as the ground freezes, many contractors concentrate more on inside projects instead of outdoor digging and concrete pours. In addition, pouring concrete on top of frozen ground can cause structure problems after the ground thaws. The solution to these issues, however, is to use a ground heating system. At On Site Companies, we offer ground heaters that make outdoor excavation and foundation work, including concrete pouring and curing, feasible in cold winter climates.

Not only do ground heaters allow for outdoor ground and foundation work during the cold months of the year, but they also reduce the stress on equipment and the labor intensive nature of dealing with hard, frozen soil.

Types of Ground Heaters

We offer a selection of ground heaters to produce quick thawing of frozen soil and accelerate curing operations. Our heater selection includes the E5000 hydronic ground heater, E3000 hydronic ground heater, E1250 ground heater, and thaw box. Our ground heaters provide heating efficiency at levels that are the highest on the industry – ranging from 83% to 87% efficiency depending on the heating unit.

Thaw Box

The Thaw Box is ideal for small areas that require thawing of frozen ground, frost prevention, and concrete curing. This box is more compact that the larger heating units and lighter to transport as well. Its compact design also makes it easy to move around on project sites to various locations that require ground thawing. The Thaw Box does not require a trailer for transport and consumes a low quantity of fuel. It can thaw an area as large as 60”x54” at one inch per hour.

Ground Thawing Blankets

Ground thawing blankets are used to thaw frozen earth. These blankets are easy to throw on top of any surface, including equipment to keep engines warm. They can be moved around easily to various locations on a job site wherever a power outlet is accessible.

However, we do not use ground thawing blankets by themselves for ground thawing operations. We use them in conjunction with our ground thaw units to increase the speed and efficiency of ground thawing.

Common Uses of Ground Heaters

On construction sites, ground heaters may be used to:

  • De-ice surfaces, such as walkways and sidewalks
  • Remove and prevent ground frost
  • Warm the air for field personnel
  • Cure concrete
  • Melt snow from roofs
  • Thaw frozen pipes

Ground heaters and ground thawing blankest are often combined to increase the speed of ground thawing and cure concrete at extra fast speeds during the cold days of winter.

To learn about the various ground heater options we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or email

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How Do Ground Heaters Work?

During the winter months, contractors working in the field must employ extra measures to ensure the work continues, particularly when it comes to ground, foundation, and concrete pouring work. The frozen ground can hamper efforts at digging and increase the labor-intensive nature of the work. An effective way to counteract the hindrance posed by frozen earth is with the use of ground heaters. At On Site Companies, we offer both hydronic and ground thawing blanket heating options for construction projects.

Ground heaters thaw out the frozen ground, making it much easier to dig and manipulate for excavation and foundation installation purposes. The two main types of ground heaters that contractors use in the field are hydronic heaters and ground thawing blankets.

Our Ground Heaters

We offer several ground heaters to thaw frozen ground on construction sites. Our E5000 hydronic ground heater is the most powerful heater in our lineup. It thaws frozen ground, cures concrete, and prevents the formation of frost with great efficiency. The displacement pump on this unit maximizes the flow of air and provide consistent heat to achieve the required ground thawing with prompt speed. It is an industry leader with an 83% heating efficiency. The E5000 is able to thaw 10,000 sq. ft. of frozen ground and cure the same square footage at a rate of one foot per day.

Our E3000 hydronic ground heater can thaw 6,000 square feet of frozen ground and cure 6,000 square feet of concrete at the rate of one foot per day. Our E1250 ground heater can thaw 2,500 square feet of frozen ground and cure 2,500 square feet of concrete per day.

Our Thaw Box can thaw a 54 inch x 60 inch area of frozen ground at one inch per hour.

Ground Thawing Blankets

We combine the use of our ground heaters with standard thawing blankets as an accessory to increase the speed and efficiency of frozen ground thawing operations.

For information about the ground heating solutions we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or contact us by email at

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Portable Heater Safety in the Field

Portable, temporary heaters are used often on construction sites for various heating tasks, including thawing the ground, general drying purposes, providing warmth to workers, and concrete curing. These heaters serve these valuables purpose particularly in very cold winter temperatures. However, safety is always an important consideration with temporary heaters. Improper installation or use can lead to fires that cause injury or even death. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of portable heaters for construction projects.

Fires that result from temporary heating often occurs due to lack of proper clearance provided during installation. Direct-fired heaters which are fueled by natural gas, propane, or diesel are self-contained and unvented. They are used often on project sites and produce very intense heat that demands a certain amount of clearance for safety purposes – often about eight feet.

Safety Considerations for Portable Heaters in the Field

A good first step to safety with heaters in the field, as mentioned above, is providing sufficient clearance. However, clearance is not the only factor to keep in mind. Other important guidelines for portable heater safety include:

  • Temporary, portable heaters must be installed and operated per manufacturers’ instructions and used only for their intended purpose.
  • Only heaters approved or listed by a recognized testing agency such as UL/ULC or CSA should be used.
  • Safe installation and use should be based on a written operating procedure based on the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Adhere to all clearance, fuel type, and ventilation specifications indicated on the heater’s data plate.
  • Ensure the heaters you intend to use are covered by your insurance policy

If there are high concerns about fire safety and ventilation, you may consider using indirect-fired heaters instead which require the use of electricity to operate. They may not provide the efficiency of direct-fired heaters, but can provide a greater comfort level regarding ventilation and fire safety.

Fire Extinguishers for Safety

Because of the intense heat produced by these heaters, it is always necessary to have tools on hand to keep any fire under control. With the fire risk posed by these heaters, it is important to have multi-purpose fire extinguishers nearby on the construction site that can put out such fires. The rating on these extinguishers at a minimum should be 3A 10BC.

To learn about the various portable heating solutions we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or leave us an email at

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What Are the Most Efficient Portable Heaters?

It is vital to ensure your construction project is properly equipped to move forward through the cold winter months. This will prevent unnecessary delays and ensure productivity. One important aspect of this involves the use of efficient portable heaters onsite. These heaters are necessary to thaw the ground and cure concrete in cold winter conditions. They can also be used for other purposes in which warmth is needed, for both equipment and personnel. At On Site Companies, we are your source for portable ground heaters that provide effective thawing and warmth for various types of construction project applications.

Below we cover the most efficient type of portable heater and others which are less efficient.

Direct Fired Heater – The Most Efficient Option

Direct fired heaters operate in similar fashion as a gas stove or grill. The fuel used by these heaters is burned to produce the heat. The air is heated as it is forced directly through the flame. Because the fuel is burned for the purpose of heating the air with these heaters, they provide a highly efficient method of heating. The energy efficiency of these heaters makes them powerful pieces of equipment, able to produce BTU levels much higher than indirect-fired heaters of comparable size.

Electric Heaters

If electrical outlets are accessible at the construction site, electric heaters are an option to consider. They can be ideal for large, open areas. They may not be the most flexible option to use when outlets are not available in certain areas of a construction site. But they are able to produce about 6000 watts of energy which equates to more than 20,000 BTUs.

Convection Heaters

Many portable heaters use the convection form of heating which warms up the air throughout a space. They are flexible and able to increase the air temperature in a room about two to three times faster than it takes for an equivalent radiant heater to do the same thing.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Among the least efficient portable heaters, indirect heaters do have the advantage of warming the air and discharging it clean and without carbon dioxide. This makes them safe to use in smaller spaces.

For information about the various types of portable heaters we offer for construction sites, call us today at 800.210.8407 or drop us an email at

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Heating Company in Duluth – On Site Companies

Now A Heating Company in Duluth - Blog

On Site Companies is officially a heating company in Duluth! In October of 2019 we added a branch based in Cromwell to support communities surrounding a Duluth service area. We are proud that during this transition we have joined the Moose Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Cloquet Area Chamber or Commerce, and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce to continue our goal of supporting communities and local businesses we serve.

Two years later in November of 2021 our Duluth branch completed its first heater delivery. As we continue to grow our climate control department, On Site is becoming the leading heating company in Duluth. Here are 3 reasons you should choose us for your heating and ground thawing rental needs.


Infrastructure Infrastructure – A Heating Company in Duluth and Beyond

For over 30 years, On Site Companies has been an industry leading temporary heating company. We take pride in being a family-owned and certified women-owned business. Even though we are newly a Duluth heating company, we replicate our proven process for our heating services from our Mankato, Rochester, Twin Cities Metro, and St. Louis branches. This allows us to efficiently provide heater and ground thaw unit rentals for construction projects, special events, homeowners, emergency response, and more!

We constantly upgrade our heat truck fleet. Computerized routing helps keep track of all drivers during their routes and efficiently designate assignments throughout all of our branches. Also, each On Site driver logs in each stop with an iPad. This keeps each completed heating service on record throughout the day. Constant and immediate communication between team members ensures that we are all on the same page.


Inventory Inventory – Heaters and HVAC Staff for Jobs of Any Size

On Site Companies has a wide variety of temporary heaters, ground thaw units, and heating accessories to satisfy any application. Whether you just need to heat up a tent or an entire construction site, we have the rental equipment you need. We take pride in investing in the highest quality heaters on the market. Our inventory is always being expanded to ensure that we can continue serving jobs of any size. Having a large inventory of a wide variety of equipment makes us the ideal heating company to work with.

Our staff is full of industry experts that go above and beyond. Our HVAC technicians are carefully trained and vetted to meet our standards. We have enough trained professionals to support the heating needs for projects of any size.  Combining the wide selection of our deep inventory with the expertise of our climate control staff has made On Site Companies an industry leader in providing heat for over 30 years.


UrgencyUrgency – Temporary Heating Rentals When You Need Them Most

We understand that things don’t always go according to plan. That’s why we take pride in being your reliable source for your urgent heating needs. Minnesota winters are volatile and can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. We’re always ready to serve you during sudden temperature drops because of this. Give us a call right away if you need to heat up or thaw out your site. When disaster strikes, we’ll be here for emergency response.

We understand how important time is during urgent situations. For instance, we understand that you’re losing money for every minute that your job site isn’t heated. If your home or special event isn’t heated, people are at risk of harm. Therefore, we have availability for last minute, overnight, and weekend requests.


3 Uniques That Make On Site Your Top Heating Company

At On Site Companies, we strive to provide the highest quality service of any heating company in Duluth. Our infrastructure, inventory, and sense of urgency allow us to serve our clients expertly and individually for any occasion. We provide the most effective temporary heating solutions, whether it be for a construction project, event, home remodel, or emergency response. Get a free quote or contact us and an On Site representative will promptly assist.

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Heater Rentals in Missouri – Why Choose On Site?

Heater Rentals in Missouri - Why Choose On Site Companies?

Making sure your construction project is properly equipped for those cold winter months with heater rentals in Missouri is crucial. Doing so can ensure productivity and prevent any delays in the project. Heater rentals are definitely popular and in high demand during the winter season. They are essential to prevent ground freezing and efficiently cure concrete. They also protect construction workers from weather related hazards when on the job. Choosing the right heating company can ensure your project’s success. So how do choose the right provider for heater rentals in Missouri? Here are 3 reasons why On Site Companies is the right choice for your temporary heating solutions:

Infrastructure Infrastructure – Providing Heat Wherever You Need It

On Site Companies Branches for Heater Rentals

For over 30 years, On Site Companies has been an industry leading temporary heating company. This family owned and certified women-owned business has a branch located in St. Louis, Missouri and four branches in Minnesota. We provide heater rentals for construction projects, special events, homeowners, and emergency response. On Site is constantly updating its fleet of trucks to ensure services go smoothly and quality of service is maintained.

We also have computerized routing. This type of routing helps keep track of all drivers during their routes and efficiently designate assignments across the five branches. Each On Site truck is equipped with an Apple iPad where drivers log in each stop. This keeps each completed service on record throughout the day. Constant and immediate communication between team members of Operations and Dispatch ensure that we ultimately satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

InventoryInventory – Heater Rentals in Missouri, And So Much More

F400T Direct Fired Heater - Heater Rentals in MissouriOn Site offers a variety of temporary heaters for jobs of any size. Depending on the project’s needs, we can provide different kinds of heaters such as direct fired, direct fired enclosed flame, and indirect fired heaters. We also offer ground thaw, electric, and convection heaters. Climate control accessories like thawing blankets are also available for rent along with ground heaters. We are also constantly upgrading our inventory to offer the best quality job site heaters. Check out our brand new F400T Direct Fired Heaters! (pictured left).

On Site is proud of having the most hardworking HVAC staff on board and we are also constantly looking for new members to join our team. We get the job done the right way with enough heating equipment, units, and staff to service sites of all sizes.


UrgencyUrgency – Rain Or Shine!

On Site heater rentalWhen it comes to the need of heater rentals for a project or event, it is usually an urgent matter. Not having a heater available when needed can result in delays in a project due to weather conditions. But fear not! No matter when you need your heater picked up, serviced, or dropped off On Site will find the best solution for your circumstance. Our staff is willing to best accommodate heater rental requests that are last minute, overnight, and on weekends. Our sense of urgency is to benefit the customer’s requests and needs, as well as be responsive to find the right heater equipment for the situation.

We also attentively work side by side with first responders when disaster strikes. On Site’s emergency HVAC response can provide temporary heating solutions for extreme weather conditions. Our heaters and heating accessories are available for any emergency to provide comfort to anyone affected by unexpected events.


3 Uniques That Make On Site Your Top Choice For Heater Rentals

At On Site Companies, we strive to provide the highest quality service of any heating company in the industry. Our infrastructure, inventory, and sense of urgency allow us to serve our clients expertly and individually for any occasion. We are committed to providing the most effective temporary heating solutions, whether it be for a construction project, event, home remodel, or emergency response. In need of heater rentals in Missouri and beyond? Get a free quote or contact us and an On Site representative will promptly assist.

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Portable Heater Mistakes To Avoid

Portable Heater Mistakes To Avoid

It’s getting colder out there! Making sure your gas portable heater is working properly must be a top priority. This can decrease the chances of unwanted heater mishaps. When renting out a portable heater, you want to ensure construction projects are completed successfully and without setbacks. Lack of knowledge when operating a portable heater might lead to unexpected malfunctions. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here are some portable heater mistakes to avoid:


Mistake #1: Restricting Ventilation Of The Portable Heater Duct

Portable Heater - HVF 410

A common mistake users make when setting up a portable heater is bending the heater duct. Bending the duct creates an obstacle for the warm air and restricts proper air flow. If the air is unable to flow freely throughout the duct, the heater will eventually shut off. The best thing to do is to make sure the duct is set up straight. Reducing the bends on the heater prevents overheating. As a result, your heater will be able to maximize its efficiency and prevent delays on your project.



Mistake #2: Not Troubleshooting Your Portable Heater Correctly​

Portable Heater - F-400T Direct Fired Heater Set-up

Most of the times a user comes across heater malfunctions, the fastest way to fix the issue is to turn to troubleshooting instructions. Luckily, the issue is most likely a quick “troubleshoot fix” away. However, instructions can sometimes be overlooked or misread.  Taking the time to carefully read through the instructions and following the indicated steps will most likely solve your heater malfunction. For instance, in a lot of the cases things like checking the power outlet, gas tank, or leaks could indicate the issue. If you’ve rented out an On Site standard or ground heater, please make use of our troubleshooting checklist.  We provide an easy step-by-step guide for our heater users. Carefully read through instructions before turning to professional assistance.


Mistake #3: Improper Placement Of Thermostat

Premier 170 Direct Fired Heater Thermostat

A portable heater’s thermostat ultimately controls the way the heater is going to function. Particularly the temperature of the heat output, as well as the amount of gas consumed. The placement of the heater thermostat control could affect the readings. Our heat technicians advise not to place the thermostat control on the floor. This could result in inaccurate temperature readings. The thermostat control would be best placed close by the heater and off the floor. As a result, this could prevent portable heater mistakes caused by imprecise temperature readings.


Mistake #4: Not Having Enough Gas Tanks For Your Portable Heater

Portable Heater -Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater On Site

Deciding on the amount and size of a gas tank for your heater could be a tricky task. Without proper knowledge on the specifications of your heater, you could mistakenly set up your heater with the wrong amount of gas. Some factors to take into consideration when purchasing gas tanks for your heater are the space where it will be placed, as well as the heater’s BTU (British Thermal Units).

One way to determine the amount of liquid propane for your heater is to base yourself out of the fact that the heater requires 1.1 gallons of liquid propane for every 100,000 BTU. You can determine the BTUs by taking a look at the product’s specifications. For On Site heaters, you can easily find this information on every heater product page. For example, our F400T  and S405 Direct Fired Heaters have a heat output of 400,000 BTU/hr. This means that these particular heaters use about 4.4 GPH (gallons per hour) of liquid propane, or 400 CFH (cubic feet per hour) of natural gas. Our On Site Heat Technicians advise users to rent these heaters out with at least four 100-gallon gas tanks for proper functionality.


Mistake #5: Choosing The Wrong Portable Heater

Portable Heater - Q375 Convection Heater

Choosing the right heater for your project is essential to prevent any mishaps on site. The correct type of heater to rent out could depend on how far along the construction project is. For example, convection heaters are only recommended if there’s no power on site. This makes them ideal to use when the construction project is on its foundation stages. The flame of the heater can be measured with its gas tank, which makes it more difficult to use when the project is more advanced. For more advanced projects, our On Site Heat Technicians recommend switching to direct fired, indirect fired, or direct fired enclosed flame heaters.


On Site Heat Solutions

To sum up, stay ahead of any unwanted portable heater mistakes! Be informed how to properly operate your portable heater. For your convenience, we can provide you with the best temporary heating solutions. Want to make sure you are well informed and rent the right heater for you? Call us now at 800.210.8407 or request a quote online and an On Site representative will gladly reach out to you.

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