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Air Filtration: What it is and When to Use It

It’s no secret that construction sites can create a lot of dust and result in poor air quality. Constantly breathing in particles can potentially cause serious health problems for construction workers. Being exposed to contaminated air can decrease productivity in employees, as well.

Certain situations may require construction teams to evaluate their air quality situation, such as working inside an enclosed building or at a healthcare facility. If a construction team isn’t always exposed to these elements, being able to rent the air filtration equipment your team needs can be beneficial. Proper construction air filtration is crucial to providing a healthy and safe environment for every member of your crew.

Air Filtration: What it is and When to Use It

Causes of Contaminated Air

Contamination can come from a variety of different sources such as dust, mold, or chemicals. Many commonly used building materials release particles in their dust that can be harmful when inhaled. It can even come from the HVAC system if proper air filtration isn’t being used.

Some of the most common sources include:

      • Biological –  Mold, bacteria, viruses and pollen can accumulate from improper humidity control, water damage, or poor ventilation.
    • Chemical – Construction sites may use a variety of chemicals during a project. Without proper filtration, these particles can accumulate in the air, causing environmental and health problems.
  • Particles – Dust, dander, and other particles are a major factor in construction site air quality.

Health Impacts

Without proper air filtration and ventilation, a variety of health problems may occur, especially for construction workers who are exposed to these elements every day.

Health impacts from improper air filtration:

      • Asthma or other respiratory problems – exposure to polluted air can aggravate asthma or cause other respiratory issues down the road.
    • Headaches and anxiety – Breathing in unfiltered air with chemicals from construction can have negative impacts on brain function.
  • Cancer – Long-term exposure of chemicals, dust, and poor air quality from construction sites can have the potential to cause cancer in some people.  

Air Filtration for Rent

Purchasing an air filter may not always be necessary, so renting one from time to time for various construction projects might be a good choice. At On Site, we offer several different types of air filters to choose from.

PH 500 HEPA Air Filter

The PH 500 HEPA Air Filter is a small yet efficient air filtration solution for construction sites, renovations, and restorations. This compact and portable HEPA system is energy-efficient, durable, and lightweight to provide optimal portability for your project. It can be used as either an air scrubber or a negative air machine.

The benefits include:

    • Up to 500 CFM airflow
    • Compact design
    • Variable speed flow
    • Multiple ducting options
    • Optional carbon potassium permanganate blend filter
  • True HEPA filtration with 20 stage filtration design

PH 1400 HEPA Air Filter

The PH 1400 HEPA Air Filtration Unit is specifically designed to be used in restorations settings to provide efficient air scrubbing and air filtration. This air scrubber is able to perform a minimum of four air changes per hour, so this filter can be expected to control up to 21,00 cubic feet of space. Because of ducting capabilities, the PH 1400 air filter can also be used for the combination of negative and positive air flow control of an area and containment air scrubbing at the same time.

The benefits include:

    • 2-Speed operation (1,400-1,900 CFM)
    • Multiple ducting options
    • Built-in manometer
    • Only 12 amps
    • Stainless steel cabinet
    • Optional fourth stage carbon filter
  • Wheeled cart design

Aerospace Air Filter

The Aerospace Air Filter is designed to meet or exceed standards for high-efficiency indoor air equipment. It features excellent air capacity at 1950 CFM on high speed. This air filter can easily remove harmful particles and chemicals from your job site.

The benefits include:

    • Air capacity 1950 CFM High Speed
    • Air capacity 1300 CFM Low Speed
    • Slide down door for easy accessibility
  • Two-speed switch on motor

Provide Quality Air with On Site

If your company doesn’t require air filtration at every construction site, renting can be the perfect solution to provide quality air for your team. At On Site, we provide several different types of air filters that can fit your every need. We have products to fit your construction site or special event and our solutions vary for any job. Contact us today to learn more about what On Site can offer you.

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