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Construction Site Showers: Why Renting Shower Trailers Will Boost Your Construction Team’s Morale

There is no better feeling in the world than being nice and clean after a hot shower. While having portable restrooms, heaters, and air conditioners are obvious things to have at a construction site, having a portable shower is beneficial, as well. Not only will it show that you care about your employees’ health and cleanliness, but it can improve their work ethic and overall morale. At On Site, we take employee morale seriously. By offering the best of the best when it comes to construction site sanitation we do our part to keep your crew clean and happy.


Having construction site showers will definitely contribute to the cleanliness of your employees. Everyone loves to feel clean and refreshed after they have been dirty and sweaty all day. Having showers on site can be beneficial to employees who only work for half a day due to an appointment, picking up children from school, or other engagements. They can work longer without having to go home to shower or clean up. It is also great for individuals who either need to attend corporate meetings during the day or who don’t want to go home smelling of the job site.


Of course, the health of employees is extremely important for companies. Having a portable shower readily available can help improve the health of employees on construction sites. After lifting heavy objects all day, a hot shower can relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles.

Taking a hot shower can kill off unwanted bacteria on your skin, as well. This can help ward off infection and disease, especially on construction sites where employees are prone to cuts and scrapes. A hot shower can increase blood circulation to the limbs and help repair damaged cells. With increased blood circulation, blood pressure reduces, and heart function improves.

Being able to leave a construction site clean will help keep your employees’ homes clean, as well. They won’t be bringing dust, dirt, and chemicals into their homes, resulting in a more sanitary home environment for themselves and their families.  


There’s no doubt that hard work can also be stressful. Having the option to take a long, hot relaxing shower at the end of the day can improve employees’ mood significantly. A hot shower relaxes the body and mind, helping decrease stress. It can also help promote more restful sleep. Being able to be clean, relaxed, and less stressed when you head home for the day is a feeling unlike anything else, and your employees will come to work the next day in a much better mood.


Just knowing that you are a step away from a hot, steamy shower can improve workflow tremendously. Who wants to get into their vehicle after a long, hot work day, and sit in their sweat and grime all the way home? The short answer: no one.

Not only is having a shower on your construction site convenient, but it gives employees the option to shower and clean up at the end of the day, which can incentivize harder work throughout the day. Workers are more likely to work harder and get sweatier knowing that they can easily shower just moments after.

Rent Construction Showers With On Site

If you want to help improve your employees’ morale, health, and workflow, consider renting a construction shower from On Site. We have two different options to accommodate all of your worksite needs.

Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer

The Ultra Lav II shower trailer is a dual shower and restroom facility. It has two stalls, both with a toilet, sink, and shower. They are air-conditioned with hot water. They can accommodate up to 54 five minutes showers alone, and up to 900 restroom uses alone. The Ultra Lav II is perfect for smaller construction sites that have fewer employees.

Aqua Max 8 Shower Trailer

The Aqua Max 8 is used to accommodate a large number of people, such as a construction site with several employees. It has eight individual stalls with air conditioning and hot water, but no toilets.

Give Your Crew the Gift of Cleanliness with On Site

For health benefits, keeping clean, or just some added relaxation after a long, strenuous workday, having portable showers is never a bad thing. On Site offers a wide range of high-quality products and sanitation solutions for all of your construction needs. If either of these options sounds like the perfect fit for your shower needs, contact us today for a quote.

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