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Most Efficient Ground Thaw Units

Driving holes and excavating materials from the ground in an efficient manner requires the use of powerful tools and equipment. This work usually cannot be done successfully on frozen ground. To solve this problem, ground thaw units are used to warm up large sections of earth, allowing for earthwork and concrete pouring. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of ground thaw units to assist you in the completion of construction projects during the cold winter months.

Construction projects must still go forward even when the weather is colder from late fall, through winter, and into early spring. Construction companies must take additional steps during the cold weather season to ensure the ground is warm enough to manage, for drilling, excavation, and foundation construction purposes. Ground thawing units enable construction projects to move forward without delays that can cause problems for both the contractor and the clients. Interruptions in project schedules often means loss of revenue and other problems.

E5000 Thaw Ground Unit

We offer an array of thaw ground units, including our largest – the E5000. The E5000 hydronic ground heater is our most powerful ground thawing machine. It works fast to thaw frozen ground, prevent frost, cure concrete, and distribute temporary heat during the chill of the winter season. It includes a positive displacement pump that maximizes air flow and delivers heat reliably and consistently.

Its 83% heating efficiency is the highest in the industry. The unit is easy to set up, requiring no open flames or fumes. One of these units alone can thaw 10,000 square feet of frozen ground and cure as much as 10,000 square feet of concrete at a speed of 1 foot per day. The unit includes a strobe light that indicates from a distance if all heater systems are functioning properly.

Smaller Ground Thawing Units

Beyond the E5000 hydronic ground haw heater, we also offer the E3000 hydronic ground heater, E1250 ground thaw heater, and ground thaw box. Each of these ground heaters help ensure important excavation and foundation work gets done on time and projects stay on track.

One option to increase the speed at which the ground is thawed, and concrete can be cured during cold winter days is to combine the use of these ground thawing heaters with our standard ground thawing blankets. The combination can increase the efficiency of ground thawing and help keep foundation work on schedule.

For more information about the selection of ground thawing units we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today at 651.429.3781 or send an email to [email protected].

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