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Types of Ground Heaters and Common Uses

In the winter months as the ground freezes, many contractors concentrate more on inside projects instead of outdoor digging and concrete pours. In addition, pouring concrete on top of frozen ground can cause structure problems after the ground thaws. The solution to these issues, however, is to use a ground heating system. At On Site Companies, we offer ground heaters that make outdoor excavation and foundation work, including concrete pouring and curing, feasible in cold winter climates.

Not only do ground heaters allow for outdoor ground and foundation work during the cold months of the year, but they also reduce the stress on equipment and the labor intensive nature of dealing with hard, frozen soil.

Types of Ground Heaters

We offer a selection of ground heaters to produce quick thawing of frozen soil and accelerate curing operations. Our heater selection includes the E5000 hydronic ground heater, E3000 hydronic ground heater, E1250 ground heater, and thaw box. Our ground heaters provide heating efficiency at levels that are the highest on the industry – ranging from 83% to 87% efficiency depending on the heating unit.

Thaw Box

The Thaw Box is ideal for small areas that require thawing of frozen ground, frost prevention, and concrete curing. This box is more compact that the larger heating units and lighter to transport as well. Its compact design also makes it easy to move around on project sites to various locations that require ground thawing. The Thaw Box does not require a trailer for transport and consumes a low quantity of fuel. It can thaw an area as large as 60”x54” at one inch per hour.

Ground Thawing Blankets

Ground thawing blankets are used to thaw frozen earth. These blankets are easy to throw on top of any surface, including equipment to keep engines warm. They can be moved around easily to various locations on a job site wherever a power outlet is accessible.

However, we do not use ground thawing blankets by themselves for ground thawing operations. We use them in conjunction with our ground thaw units to increase the speed and efficiency of ground thawing.

Common Uses of Ground Heaters

On construction sites, ground heaters may be used to:

  • De-ice surfaces, such as walkways and sidewalks
  • Remove and prevent ground frost
  • Warm the air for field personnel
  • Cure concrete
  • Melt snow from roofs
  • Thaw frozen pipes

Ground heaters and ground thawing blankest are often combined to increase the speed of ground thawing and cure concrete at extra fast speeds during the cold days of winter.

To learn about the various ground heater options we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or email

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