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The Portable Sink with Hot & Cold Water

The Portable Sink With Hot And Cold Water - Blog Banner

On Site Companies’ SaniSink is the perfect portable sink that provides both hot and cold water! This portable sink is a standalone unit that allows users to take control of their water quality by hooking up directly to a 5 gallon water tank. The sink needs one standard 100/120v outlet to connect to for power and an additional empty water tank to store used water.

This mobile sink can be used as your all-in-one hand washing station. It features attached soap and paper towel dispensers. Connect the SaniSink with a 5 gallon purified water tank to have a source of safe, clean drinking water. Common uses include hospitals, offices, commercial remodels, concession stands, camp grounds, and more!


Use a Portable Sink with Cold AND Hot Water

Just because your sink is mobile, doesn’t mean that you lose access to hot water. The SaniSink contains a water heater that allows users to control the temperature of their water during use. There are two separate handles for “cold” and “hot” water just like a stationary sink.

Since the SaniSink is a portable sink with a tank, all of your water is guaranteed to be fresh. However, this is only true if you use our recommended 5 gallon tank of purified water as opposed to attaching to a hose. All of the used water will dispense out of the backside of the sink. We recommend using another empty 5 gallon tank for easy capture and disposal of the used water.



Take Control of Your Portable Sink’s Water QualityInside of portable sink

Stationary sinks and mobile sinks that rely on connecting to public water systems put users at risk for drinking unsafe water. Mobile sinks that require a hose to connect to public tap water gives the user no control over water quality. Drinking contaminated water can cause sickness or even severe heath issues  for instance.

However, the SaniSink is a portable sink that allows you to control the water source. We strongly recommend using a 5 gallon tank of purified water. This will assure that the water source of your portable sink is clean and safe for drinking.


Wash Your Hands with Convenience

The set up of the SaniSink is very easy. All you need is a 5 gallon tank of purified water, an empty 5 gallon tank, and access to a standard 100/120v outlet. First, hook up the filled water tank to the water dispenser inside the sink. Afterwards, connect the empty water tank to the hose that dispenses the used water in the back of the sink. Finally, just connect the plug to a standard electrical outlet and you are ready to go!

This portable sink has other features that makes it very convenient. Control the temperature with the labeled “hot” and “cold” handles. Use the soap dispenser that is attached to the sink for washing. Finally, complete your wash by drying off with the paper towels from the attached dispenser. This all-in-one mobile sink makes hand washing a breeze!

Handwashing with SaniSink

Buy Your Portable Sink Now!

At On Site Companies, we strive to lead the industry in reliable sanitation and that’s why we produced the SaniSink. Our portable sinks are in stock and available to ship throughout the entire Untied States now. First, click the button below. Then, add the item to your cart. After you enter your delivery and payment details your mobile sink(s) will ship in 4-5 business days.

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