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What Are Portable Shower Trailers?

Portable shower trailers are ideal when you need a solution for guests or employees who have been exposed to heat and sweat, or dirty conditions of some nature and want to clean up and freshen up before leaving the premises. They are ideal for many types of venues, including construction sites, weddings, and other occasions. At On Site Companies, we are your source for convenient, clean, and efficiently operating portable shower trailers.

Benefits of Portable Shower Trailers

Shower trailers placed at events provide attendees the comfort and convenience they prefer in order to clean up after exposure to the heat for long periods of time and any accompanying smells that produces. These shower trailers also promote a clean environment as they collect waster properly so it may be disposed of properly. Providing the ability to engage in personal hygiene, these shower trailers help prevent the spread viruses and bacteria, which is essential at events where people shake hands, hug, and handle food.

Portable shower trailers provide the following:

A Place to Clean Up

-A portable shower trailer is ideal for places in which workers come into contact with materials which may be harmful if left on a person’s skin. This may include contact with animal feces on farms or other substances. Portable shower trailers allow workers to wash off these substances quickly and thoroughly.

Comforts of Home

– Portable shower trailers provide users with an almost at-home-experience. This is beneficial for campers, construction workers, festival-goers, and others who can clean up in a normal manner as they would at home.


– Portable shower trailers are easy to install and may be placed on any type of flat surface at your site. They provide the flexibility of being highly mobile. They are easy to disconnect and move to another location onsite as needed. You can rent these unit over the short or long term, as required.


– Portable shower trailers provide the privacy that guests, employees, and others want when taking a shower. They are enclosed from the public view and provide complete privacy to the user.

Convenience and Time-savings

– With portable shower trailers on site, you provide workers and others who need to remain onsite after showering with the convenience and speed of cleaning up right there onsite, instead of taking extra time to go home and shower or find some other facility offsite.

Our Selection of Portable Restroom Shower Trailers

We offer various options when it comes to portable restroom shower trailers, including 2-stall, 5-stall, and 8-stall trailers. We have you covered with exceptional quality shower trailer options, whether you need them for a job site, home renovation project, disaster relief site, food festival, or some other event or function. These mobile shower trailers provide hot running water with other amenities in a private, clean space.

To learn about the portable shower trailer units we offer at On Site Companies, give us call today at 651.429.3781 or leave us by email at [email protected].

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