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What Are the Most Efficient Portable Heaters?

It is vital to ensure your construction project is properly equipped to move forward through the cold winter months. This will prevent unnecessary delays and ensure productivity. One important aspect of this involves the use of efficient portable heaters onsite. These heaters are necessary to thaw the ground and cure concrete in cold winter conditions. They can also be used for other purposes in which warmth is needed, for both equipment and personnel. At On Site Companies, we are your source for portable ground heaters that provide effective thawing and warmth for various types of construction project applications.

Below we cover the most efficient type of portable heater and others which are less efficient.

Direct Fired Heater – The Most Efficient Option

Direct fired heaters operate in similar fashion as a gas stove or grill. The fuel used by these heaters is burned to produce the heat. The air is heated as it is forced directly through the flame. Because the fuel is burned for the purpose of heating the air with these heaters, they provide a highly efficient method of heating. The energy efficiency of these heaters makes them powerful pieces of equipment, able to produce BTU levels much higher than indirect-fired heaters of comparable size.

Electric Heaters

If electrical outlets are accessible at the construction site, electric heaters are an option to consider. They can be ideal for large, open areas. They may not be the most flexible option to use when outlets are not available in certain areas of a construction site. But they are able to produce about 6000 watts of energy which equates to more than 20,000 BTUs.

Convection Heaters

Many portable heaters use the convection form of heating which warms up the air throughout a space. They are flexible and able to increase the air temperature in a room about two to three times faster than it takes for an equivalent radiant heater to do the same thing.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Among the least efficient portable heaters, indirect heaters do have the advantage of warming the air and discharging it clean and without carbon dioxide. This makes them safe to use in smaller spaces.

For information about the various types of portable heaters we offer for construction sites, call us today at 651.429.3781 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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