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Which Portable Restroom Trailer is Right for Me?

At On Site Companies, we are your source for a wide array of portable restroom trailers in the luxury category that give you amenities that will remind you of home. We can also help remove the hassle of planning and hosting with our event packages. If you have a special event coming up, such as an outdoor wedding, graduation party, or corporate outing, we have the ideal portable restroom trailer option for you.

Below are some of the different portable restroom options available. You may need one or more to accommodate the needs of your guests or workers in the field.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

The amenities we offer in our luxury restrooms are designed to provide excellent functionality for your employees or guests. These restroom trailers rentals include various special features that enhance the comfort and experience of the user. We ensure your luxury rentals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for use.

ADA Restroom Trailers

The ADA Suite is a luxury-grade trailer suite with restroom facilities that are ADA-compliant. This includes having hand sinks with running water, flushing toilets, and electrical lights at a minimum. Persons with disabilities can use these restrooms with the ease and efficiency they need.

Portable Restroom Shower Trailers

Shower trailers provide attendees the comfort and convenience they need to clean up after being out in the heat and sweating. These portable shower trailers also help preserve the environment from becoming polluted with human waste. They enable people to maintain proper hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and infection, particularly when people may be shaking hands or handling food at certain events.

These restroom trailers are highly suitable for weddings and other events both formal and informal, in addition to construction project sites. With a portable bathroom trailer you are respecting the dignity of your guests or workers and valuing their attendance or participation, whether it involves recreation, business, or serving as an employee on a job site. You are saying that their comfort matters to you. Therefore, you can hardly go wrong with any type of portable restroom trailer for a particular occasion. Your decision will rest on how many units you need and what level of quality and amenities you want your guests or employees to enjoy.

For more information about the luxury restroom trailer options we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 651.429.3781 or email our team at [email protected].

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