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10 Misconceptions About Portable Bathrooms

Some people cringe at the thought of using portable bathrooms, believing them to be nothing more than hideous, unsanitary, and stinky monstrosities. On Site handles and delivers portable restrooms to all kinds of venues and events, so we’ve heard just about every portable toilet “fact” you can think of. Today we want to set the record straight, so here are ten of our favorite portable bathroom misconceptions… and why they’re wrong.

10 Misconceptions about Portable Restrooms

All portable toilets are ugly.

A packed row of plastic portable toilets is a common sight at concerts, county fairs, and larger casual events. Sure, the standard blue portable toilet box may not be much to look at, but there are more options out there than you might think. Luxury toilet trailers are much easier on the eyes and come with all the amenities you could ask for, including stereo systems, air conditioning, and marbled walls. We’re dead serious, check this thing out.

Portable toilets are unsanitary.

Portable toilets have a reputation for being dirty and unsanitary, but when properly maintained, they’re easy to keep clean. Before they’re installed, each unit is thoroughly washed, inside and out, so your guests won’t have to live in constant fear the bathroom.

Portable toilets are too smelly to use comfortably.

A dirty portable toilet is a smelly portable toilet. That’s why each unit gets cleaned and sanitized before it’s installed at your event. Modern portable toilets also feature advanced ventilation systems to keep the smells and the heat from making the unit uncomfortable when you’re using it.

No sink means dirty hands.

Some portable toilets feature sinks to wash your hands, but not all. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to leave the toilet with dirty hands. If the toilet does not have a handwashing station, there will always be a well-stocked hand sanitizer dispenser mounted to the interior of the box. Before your guests leave the toilet, they can use the hand sanitizer as liberally as they see fit.

They’re only good for concerts and casual events.

Standard portable toilets are designed to provide a place for your guests to use the facilities and little more. For many people, these units are too casual for use at formal events. That’s where a luxury toilet trailer can come in handy. Luxury trailers feature climate control, electricity, flushing toilets, and running water, essentially turning them into normal house bathrooms that you can move around.

Toilet trailers are only for handicapped users.

While a portable toilet trailer will easily accommodate any user with a handicap, anyone can use them. Toilet trailers will lend an extra degree of comfort and convenience to your event and are completely accessible for any guest who needs to use them.

Toilet trailers are only good for classy events.

Portable toilet trailers are perfect for just about any event, and there’s no rule dictating when you should use one over a regular portable toilet unit. It all comes down to your personal preference. Go with a trailer if you want your guests to have the convenience of a normal bathroom. You can even combine trailers with portable units to make the most of your space.

All you need is one toilet.

For small events, a single toilet might be adequate, but it depends on how many people will be in attendance. Have you ever had to wait in a massive line to use the toilet before? Why put your guests through that when you can simply rent out another unit and cut that line in half?

Portable toilets are just for construction sites.

This misconception confuses us so much. It seems like many people refuse to rent portable toilets because “they’re only used on construction sites.” Yes, portable toilets are a staple for many job sites, but they’re perfect for just about every other type of event too. Concerts, weddings, reunions, and festivals all benefit from having a few portable toilets nearby.

Portable toilets are bad for the environment.

Most portable toilets are cleaned and sanitized with the use of chemicals, and this is likely the source of this myth. However, improvements in technology have dramatically reduced the negative environmental impact of these chemicals. We dispose of all waste using proper sewage handling and processing procedures.

Don’t let these misconceptions keep you from using portable toilets at your next event. Adding a few portable toilets to your venue will keep your guests happy, reduce or remove bathroom lines, and make you seem like an even more gracious host.

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