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3 Key Things to Know About Porta Potty Rental

When you need a porta potty rental, you’ll need to know a few things to make the rental process go smoothly. Because it’s a large and well-established industry, securing a rental is a straightforward process when you work with the right company. In fact, experienced porta potty professionals will streamline the rental process so you can have peace of mind when it’s time to use them for your event or site. Let’s take a closer look at just three key aspects of renting high-quality porta potties below.

1. There’s a Wide Range of Unit Types

Many people think of the outdoor restrooms that are commonly spotted on construction sites when they think of porta potty rental services, but this is just the beginning! There’s a wide range of unit types available. From basic units to ADA-compliant models, if you need a particular type of outdoor toilet, your local rental company likely has it. Units for construction sites and other work areas don’t need all the bells and whistles that an outdoor garden party or symphony performance would require. Fortunately, there’s a lot in between the bare-bones model and the ultra-deluxe luxury model. If you want an ADA-accessible unit with lighting, a sink, and a fan or ventilation, that’s also possible. Your rental company should have a coordinator or other customer support staff to help you with your rental order details and specifications.

One of the most popular options for outdoor weddings and events is the outdoor comfort stations. These trailers have everything from subtle lighting to full toilets and sinks. Outdoor events can now maintain an atmosphere of sophistication while still providing guests with the comfort services they need.

2. On Site Can Help Ensure You Have the Correct Number of Porta Potties

The right porta potty rental company will help ensure you have the correct number of porta potties based on how many people will need to utilize them. When you call to book your rental, you’ll need to know how many units you’ll need or how many people will be attending, what type, the timespan, if there will be alcohol, and how often they’ll need to be emptied.

If you’re unsure about any of these details, the rental company will be able to walk you through the process and help you determine what type of equipment will best meet your rental needs. Don’t be shy about asking questions or for clarification during the rental process. There’s more to a porta potty rental than many people realize!

3. Emptying and Removal Should Be Included in Your Contract

Once you’ve found a reliable company for your rental, you’ll want to get down to the details. You’ll need to know the cost of the rental, any fees for extended rental periods, and details related to the removal of the waste as well as delivery. All of these points should be clearly explained in the contract. You’ll want to fully review the terms of the rental and pay careful attention to the waste removal clause. When you file for your permit, there could be specifications about how long the portable toilets can be in place and how often they have to be emptied. Be sure that your contract conforms with any municipal requirements. No one wants to have to deal with expensive fines because they didn’t read and understand all the relevant information.

Once you’ve fully reviewed your contract and confirmed that everything is in alignment with municipal requirements, you’ll want to confirm a few other details. Make sure that the delivery and pick-up dates are correct, confirm your billing information, and be sure you’re in clear agreement with all the terms of the rental agreement contract. If you’re unsure about how many units you’ll need for your event, your rental company should be able to provide guidance once you let them know the nature of the event and the number of participants. When in doubt, it’s better to have too many units than too few!

On Site Companies is the company to call for all your porta potty rental needs. We can help you with everything from basic units for a fun run to luxury comfort stations perfect for the most elegant events. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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