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Benefits of Porta Potties Compared to Building an Outhouse

Whether you’re in charge of providing restrooms for a campground, cabin, park or any other location without the resources to facilitate conventional bathrooms, it can be tough to determine which option will best meet the needs and preferences of your guests and visitors. And just to complicate things even further, there are many factors and key considerations to make when choosing between outside restrooms, including the cost of rental or construction, maintenance, comfortability for users and more. At first glance, it might seem like a good idea to build your own outhouse at the site. After all, they’re easy to maintain and relatively sanitary, right?

Wrong. At On Site, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients in need of toilets and sanitation facilities for parks and camping excursions. One of biggest mistakes they make is investing their valuable time and money into inefficient, unsanitary and inconvenient outhouses that pale in comparison to the high-quality portable toilets we offer in almost every respect. Not convinced yet? Then let’s take a few minutes to discuss the massive benefits of forgoing an outhouse in favor of a porta potty to ensure that you find the best sanitation solution for your specific needs.

Porta Potties Are More Convenient Than Outhouses

Once your outhouse fills up with waste, you have two options: cleaning out its pit or relocating it to a new location. Both of these options are an absolute pain in the neck, especially when you compare them to the quick and easy process of emptying out a porta potties waste container. Read through both of these step-by-step maintenance guides and tell us which one you’d prefer to deal with.

Option 1 (Porta Potty):

After the unit’s waste tank fills up, you’ll undo its locking hatch to pull it away from the main porta potty unit. From there, you’ll move the tank to a nearby campground or park restroom to flush its contents or dig a small hole in the ground for waste storage. Finally, all you have to do is use a hose or other water source to clean the container and slot it back into the porta potty. Best of all, if you rent your porta potties from a trusted provider like us, service teams can be sent to maintain and empty out your units whenever your require, taking this task off of your hands entirely.

Option 2 (Outhouse):

Cleaning your outhouse pit will take a few hours and a mountain of messy work. After removing the outhouse bench, you’ll need to use a manual auger to dig into the stored waste and pull it towards the surface. If you’re lucky, the waste will have had time to decompose in the ground over the course of a few months, becoming more manageable in terms of odor and consistency. If not, then this process will be significantly smellier and dirtier. Once you’ve emptied out the pit, you’ll need to move all of that waste into bags or another form of portable container, find an isolated area on the property to dig a hole and bury them inside of it.

Alternatively, you can move the entire outhouse to another section of the property, but this process requires another viable area to hold the bathroom unit. After uprooting the outhouse, you’ll dig a different waste pit in a new location and install the outhouse over it. Depending on the size and quality of your outhouse, this tactic may take multiple days, additional manpower and power tools to complete.

Porta Potties Are Cleaner and More Sanitary Than Outhouses

Human feces contains a massive assortment of harmful bacteria and germs, which means that you should limit your exposure to bathroom waste as much as possible. Unlike outhouses, porta potties don’t force you to bore through flooded waste pits or sort their unpleasant contents into bags, mitigating your chances of exposing yourself to sickness and viruses. To ensure optimal restroom cleanliness and sanitation, porta potties utilize unique chemicals that quickly break down waste and kill bacteria and germs. This critical feature greatly reduces the odds that dangerous microorganisms will spread around your site and makes waste much easier to manage at the same time.

Porta Potties Offer a Superior Restroom Experience

Porta potties combine unrivaled restroom cleanliness with a fantastic user experience. Thanks to their odor-neutralizing chemicals and specialized tank ventilation systems, porta potties eliminate nasty smells while offering a pleasant and comfortable restroom area for users. This trait is particularly useful when compared to smelly, stuffy outhouses that try in vain to limit odor with generic air fresheners. Trust us, an unpleasant bathroom can make all the difference between an exhilarating camping/park adventure and a dreadful series of days that are filled with uncomfortable restroom visits.

Invest in High-Quality Porta Potties With On Site

If you’re ready to kick outhouses to the curb and set your site up with exceptionally clean and comfortable porta potties for your visitors, then be sure to get a quote from On Site today! Our team of sanitation experts will work with you every step of the way to determine exactly which (and how many) portable units will work perfectly for your needs and budget. Best of all, all of our rentable units will be delivered to your site in pristine condition, and we will service all of them as often as you require, allowing you focus on other matters instead of worrying constantly about your restroom situation.

Last but not least, be sure to call or message us today if you have any questions about porta potty rentals or want additional advice on how to provide the best restroom experience for your campsite, park or other outdoor location. We take pride in our exceptional customer service and would be more than happy to share any other resources or information that you need.

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