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The Unsung Heroes of the Super Bowl

It’s early; 5:30am when the team begins assembling. First one and then another come in from the cold to check in and get their assignments for the day. Routes are checked and discussed, supplies and vehicles are checked and the individual members of the group start moving out for the day.

Very few of us have ever really thought much about those everyday heroes that work behind the scenes of our favorite events. There are a very special group of men and women who have dedicated countless hours to prepare special gatherings, concert venues, parks, golf courses, construction sites, and road work just to name few. These unsung heroes are dedicated to meeting one of our most basic needs… clean, well stocked, and disinfected rest room facilities. These men and women pick up and drop off portable restrooms to our favorite events and are a critical component to the construction industry. The staff at On Site Companies, located in St. Paul, works tirelessly to provide the best service in the industry on a daily basis. With the national spotlight on the Twin Cities over the next two weeks, these folks are all at a heightened readiness.

You may never notice the pump trucks or the staff out servicing those portable restrooms that we all take for granted, but they are there and they are working towards providing us all as fine an experience as possible. Whether it’s a luxury trailer at a gala event or a regular unit at a construction site, these professionals do the job that no even considers, and they are the best in the industry. On Site Companies has been in business for 26 years and is a locally owned family business started by Dave and Karen Holm. The Brother and Sister team of Russ and Molly are now running the day to day operations and have kept the family culture that their parents started.

Jim Frisch is a member of the On Site team and has a wealth of experience in the industry. Jim is a “go to guy” and is a critical member of the Super Bowl Team. Jim has stated that: “We at On Site Companies are excited to be a part of the Super Bowl. We look forward to showcasing what Minnesota has to offer and hopefully it drives people to make the choice of hosting more major events here and contribute to this wonderful state”. On Site will be there in the background at the events to make sure that when they are needed everything is ready for you.

Next time you notice or use a portable restroom take a moment to thank those unsung heroes like Joe and Jim at On Site Companies for their tireless efforts to give you a quality experience from On Site Companies.

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