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Big Week at On Site

Containment Pan Black

2015 is already looking to be a big year for On Site Companies, and this week has made that fact even more evident. This week marks the culmination of years of planning by On Site, and we are so excited to be celebrating some milestones in our company growth.

Our PC Scale Tower Computer System Goes Live

On Site is so happy to announce our new integrated PC Tower software system. This system allows us to connect our CRM, accounting and dispatch systems into one efficient process. Because of this new software, we will be able to better serve our customers in the future using a more integrated and  digital approach to day-to-day operations. Also, our new drivers are now using tablet technology, which means we will be using significantly less paper in the future. It will also allow our drivers to be able to perform their job duties more efficiently and with better communication to our customers. With this new system, less paper and less fuel will greatly reduce our use of valuable environmental resources.



Cliimate control businesses in Rochester

On Site Rochester, MN Will be Moving

Our portable restrooms, restroom trailer, and climate control businesses in Rochester, MN have been growing so quickly that we have outgrown our current location. We have purchased a new location near by that will have a larger yard space and a shop that can accommodate our new growth. This location will be serving all of the Rochester and Mankato, MN areas for both portable sanitation, heating and air conditioning and ground thaw. We can’t wait to move in!



New Basement Renovation

New Basement Renovation

Does everyone remember this time last year when we moved up from the basement into our new upstairs offices? Well this week the construction is finally complete on our new basement meeting space. The basement will include a few offices, but what we’re really excited about is our training space. This space has a projector and plenty of folding chairs to provide a great space for large staff meetings and training sessions.



New St. Louis Sales Representative Amy Betz!Amy Betz

Our Rochester, MN branch isn’t the only place experiencing amazing growth. Our St. Louis, MO branch has been growing at such a great pace, that we will be rolling out portable restroom offerings in St. Louis very soon. To help out down in Missouri, On Site has hired Amy Betz to join our team as a Sales Representative. Amy will be bringing with her, 15 years of sales experience and a bubbly personality that has brightened up the whole staff. We here at St. Paul are only sad we don’t get to see her every day!

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