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How to Prevent Moisture Produced by Construction Heaters

When trying to heat your construction site, preventing moisture production may be on the top of your list. You may think the level of moisture that gets trapped in your construction site can only be prevented through the types of heaters you rent. Yet, that’s not necessarily the case. (more…)

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How to Improve Efficiency of Your Construction Heaters

If you’re working in home building, commercial construction or even renovation projects, you may need to rent temporary heaters during the winter. These construction heaters can vary in types and sizes, and they can eat up a bit of your job’s budget. To help make sure your heaters don’t break the bank, On Site has put together a helpful guide to useful you improve the efficiency of your construction heaters. (more…)

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Why is My Direct Fired Heater Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide for Your Direct Fired Heater

If you rent heaters for your construction site you know that the equipment might need quick maintenance throughout the winter. (more…)

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Concrete Curing with Hydronic Heat

Construction work in the winter months can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean that the work can stop. If you are pouring concrete on the ground, on an elevated surface, or in wall enclosures, hydronic heat could be the fastest way to ensure evenly cured concrete. Using hydronic heating or ground thaw equipment can speed up your curing process and creating uniformly cured concrete cheaply and quickly. (more…)

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Cleaning a Dirty Flame Sensor Rod in a Direct Fired Heater

When using heating equipment, there are definitely common problems that you can run across. This article will help want you through the process of solving a common problem with direct fired heaters, which is a dirty flame sensor rod. First, let’s go over what a flame sensor rod is.  (more…)

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OSHA Regulations on Portable Restrooms in Minnesota

I’m sure most of you are familiar with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), since regulations put into place by OSHA are used in most workplaces across the country. It is difficult to understand all of the OSHA regulations that you must follow for your particular industry, so this blog is going to explain to you the regulations that you must meet in regards to portable restrooms. (more…)

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5 Reasons to Use Indirect Fired Heaters on Your Job Site

On Site Companies VG 400 Indirect Fired Heater

While the weather gets colder, you may be wondering what the best way to heat your work site will be. Heating you site will allow your workers to feel more comfortable, which will in turn allow them to achieve more throughout the day. If you are building an enclosed structure, then Indirect Fired Heaters may be the solution that you are looking for. Here are five reasons that may lead you to choose Indirect Fired Heaters for your job site this season.

1.)  No Unwanted Moisture For your past construction sites you have been using open-flame Direct Fired Heaters, which deliver heat into structures. These heaters convert 100% of fuel into heat, which seems like the most fuel efficient and cheap way to heat your job site. The downside to this equipment, however, moisture can become a hindrance to your work. According to Ken Cannella, product manager for Wacker Neuson Climate Technology, “ Every 100,000 BTUs of fuel burned with a direct-fired heater results in one gallon of water as a byproduct.”  Unwanted moisture and condensation on you job site can cause setbacks, property damage and loss of productivity that you just can’t afford. Using Indirect Fired Heaters will not produce any unwanted moisture that can seep into your job site. These heaters will only produce clean burning heat to be pumped into your location.

2.)  Ventilation Flue All Indirect Fired Heaters come standard with a ventilation flue that allows you to safely vent all noxious fumes away from the job site. Because of this standard flue, these heaters can safely be placed inside or outside of your job site.

3.)  Enclosed Flame If you have to worry about debris around your site coming into contact with your heating equipment, then our Indirect Fired Heating line is the safest solution.  On standard Direct Fired flame heaters you have an exposed flame that may be susceptible to foreign objects entering the flame or flammable objects being placed too close to the heater and igniting.  With the enclosed flame of Indirect Fired Heaters, you can be sure that nothing will enter the flame, and you will only get clean burning heat into your structure.

4.)  Ductable We all know that certain job sites will inadvertently heat unevenly.  This could cause your workforce to be uncomfortable, and also may force you to provide several heaters to different areas. Indirect Fired Heaters provide efficient heat delivery to you job site to make sure that you can use the least amount of fuel possible. All of our Indirect Fired Heaters can be ducted to provide heat evenly throughout your job site.

5.)  Remote Thermostat Technology Our On Site Indirect Fired Heaters can be equipped with remote thermostat technology that can alter you to any issues that the heater is having, and also keep your area at the optimal temperature at all times.  You can monitor the performance of your equipment from your mobile device, and our technicians will also be alerted if there are any problems with the equipment.

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