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How to Choose Between a Portable Restroom and a Restroom Trailer

When it comes to hosting an event, there are many preparations to consider. You need to book the venue, arrange a caterer, and provide adequate facilities for your guests. Sometimes, even the best venues fall short when it comes to the number of restrooms they have onsite. That’s where portable restrooms come in handy.

On Site can provide quality and sanitary portable restrooms and restroom trailers for your event. But which of those restroom options will work best for your event? Before you decide, let’s learn a bit more about the advantages of each.

The Portable Restroom

Portable restrooms are often made of durable plastic and can be set up just about anywhere you need. The toilets themselves are lightweight, making it easy to arrange them in an ideal configuration while lending versatility to your bathroom setup. Their extreme portability and compact design make them ideal for concerts, sporting events, family reunions, and outdoor barbecues.

Though the design is simple, modern portable restrooms come equipped with many options depending on your budget. Basic models will have a toilet or urinal and a hand sanitizing station. More advanced models may include sinks, mirrors, and other modern amenities. Portable restrooms have a very distinct look too, so no one will have a hard time locating the facilities when they need them.

Another option with standard portable restrooms is opting in for hand washing stations. These foot pump hand washing stations allow users to wash their hands with fresh water and soap, and dry them with paper towels. These hand washing stations can be bundled with standard portable restrooms and cardboard trash boxes to give your guests a little more cleanliness, without breaking the bank.

Benefits of a Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms are small and easy to arrange. This makes them ideal for spaces where you need as many restrooms as possible. You’ll be able to fit more units in a small space, giving your guests the convenience of not having to wait in line.

Contrary to popular belief, portable restrooms are ventilated to reduce heat buildup and minimize the smell of waste. Each unit is completely self-contained, so you won’t have to worry about sewage spilling out of the unit and onto your venue.

Portable restrooms are utilitarian. While they’re perfectly functional, they’re not the type of bathroom people want to linger in. Most units do not have lights or running water, which means you don’t need electricity or a water source to operate. This means shorter wait times for your guests.

The Restroom Trailer

Restroom trailers allow you to give your guests a touch of comfort at an event. These trailers are a complete, mobile bathroom. They hook up to a water spigot and electricity, giving your guests the opportunity to wash their hands, fix their hair, and feel like they’re using a normal house bathroom.

Benefits of Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are perfect for formal events where you want your guests to feel at home. Each trailer features sinks with running water, electric lights, flushing toilets, and even heat/AC. These are little touches, but they go a long way in making the venue feel more pleasant and sanitary.

Trailers give guests a place to get ready or to freshen up throughout the event. At venues where there are only a few indoor spaces, these trailers can improve the experience of your guests drastically, providing a nice little haven of light, warmth, and comfort.

The Right Restroom for Your Event

Having an adequate number of restrooms for your guests is necessary to ensure they enjoy themselves at your event, without having to wait in line to use the facilities. However, choosing between a restroom trailer and a portable restroom is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Portable restrooms are perfect for large outdoor events and functions where you need access to a restroom, but don’t need the added amenities of electricity, running water, or flushing toilets. They’re lightweight and affordable, so adding many units to a venue is simple and can be done quickly.

Restroom trailers are best for more formal functions where you want your guests to feel like they’re getting more than just a toilet. Having electricity and flushing toilets make them feel more like permanent restrooms and gives your guests a place to get ready. These facilities are the perfect choice for a wedding, office gathering, and other formal events.

Whichever option you choose, adding portable restrooms to a venue is always a smart decision. Renting individual units gives you the comfort of knowing they’re well-maintained and properly functioning.

Take the stress out of your event and rent a Portable Restroom or Restroom Trailer today. And don’t worry, we’ll handle installation and cleanup so you can focus on enjoying your event!

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