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The Importance of Proper Ventilation For Construction Heaters

Proper ventilation for construction heaters; it’s one of those job site basics that you don’t even think about until something goes wrong. Professionals will tell you that proper ventilation is the key to a successful and on time project when using construction heaters. As we all know, construction doesn’t sleep. As nice as it would be to only work in the warmer months it’s not feasible. Things break or need to be built; it’s just a part of life. And spending energy being angry about the weather is a futile endeavor. It’s going to rain and snow, depending on where you live, and the temperatures will drop. The best contractors can tell you that the secret to a productive winter season is preparation.

How does one prepare for the harsh cold of winter? They investigate heating solutions that will not only improve their work conditions but work quality as well. At On Site, we offer a variety of portable heating configurations. No matter the job, we’ve got a portable heater that will keep your crew warm and project on time.

As with any machinery, there are inherent risks when using a construction heater. But by utilizing safety best practices, you can enjoy heat without any serious ramifications. The most important safety rule that contractors need to follow when using construction heaters is always to make sure that they are using proper ventilation while running their construction heaters.

Why Proper Ventilation is so Important

Fume Management

One of the most important aspects of a safe construction site is proper ventilation for construction heaters. Construction heaters burn fuel in order to work, meaning that they produce noxious fumes as a byproduct. Handling these noxious fumes is essential for a safe and productive work site. At On Site, our service techs will walk you through how to properly vent and manage any fumes put off by your rented construction heater.

Moisture Management

Not only will proper ventilation make your site safe for yourself and your workers, but it will also play an important role in moisture management. By venting out your workspace, you can ward off mold and other harmful antigens. When mold is present, it can draw out your project’s timeline by making you wait before you can paint and drawing out the amount of time paint and other materials take to cure.

Air Quality Control

A proper ventilation system will also help with on-site air quality control. When working in an enclosed area, fresh air is not only important for your safety, but it also plays a large role in the performance of your direct fired or direct fired enclosed flame heaters.  Direct fired and direct fired enclosed flame heaters produce heat by pulling air directly over a flame, which is produced by burning either propane or natural gas. It’s important that these heaters are pulling in 100% fresh air. The air being pulled in from outside will be dryer than the air inside of the building, and by burning this dryer air, the heater will create as little moisture as possible. That, in turn, helps with your moisture management.

As you can see, when it comes to proper ventilation for your construction heater, everything is connected. Proper ventilation leads to getting rid of noxious gas and helps to control your job site’s moisture level by pulling in fresh air. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot; set up a ventilation system that will benefit your job site, not hinder it.

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