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How Many Porta Potties Does My Non-Profit Event Need?

Remembering all the details of planning a non-profit event can get stressful and time-consuming. You don’t want to forget anything, let alone not provide enough amenities for the amount of people who will be attending. The more people that attend, the more amenities you’ll need to keep your event running smoothly. Planning an outdoor event that requires portable toilets, as well as other sanitation options, can be challenging—but it can be done.

Porta Potties for Your Non-Profit Event

One of the first steps when determining your amenities for an event is to ask yourself some simple logistical questions. This way, you’ll be prepared to speak knowledgeably with your rental company when they ask similar questions.

Here are a few key queries to keep in mind:

    • Will you require flushing restrooms, or will standard porta potties do the trick?
    • Will you need any specialty restrooms, such as handicapped accessible toilets?
    • How many volunteers or workers will you have, and will you be providing separate facilities for them?
    • What is your estimated number of guests in attendance?
  • For how many days and hours will the restrooms need to be in use?

With these questions in mind, you’ll be able to select the right amount of porta potties or portable luxury restroom trailers to provide for your volunteers and guests. If you find yourself still unsure, check out On Site’s porta potty calculator for a more accurate number.

Which Portable Toilet Do You Need?

After you have figured out how many people you’ll need to provide restroom services for, it’s time to choose what type of facility will best meet the needs of attendees. Taking into account your audience, budget, and type of event will help make this decision a little easier.

Standard Porta Potty

With a standard special event porta potty, you’ll never have to worry about whether that restroom was previously used at a construction site. All units are delivered clean, sanitized and ready to use. With differing numbers of our standard porta potty, On Site provides the capacity to service events with over 100,000 attendees as well as events small enough to fit in your backyard.

Enhanced Access Portable Restroom

When planning a non-profit event, remember to take into account the needs of those who may be handicapped or need extra room when using the restroom. An enhanced access portable restroom features handrails, interior turning radius, and direct side transfer from wheelchair to seat. All of our enhanced access restrooms are delivered clean, sanitized, and ready to use.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

If the audience at your event requires something a little fancier than our standard portable restroom, consider providing a luxury restroom trailer or two. With a large range of size and functionality options, luxury restroom trailers from On Site can fit the unique specifications of any special event. All bathroom trailers are fitted with flush toilets and running water sinks to fit your sanitation needs, making them feel more like a traditional bathroom, rather than your basic porta potty. If you would like something even more luxurious, some of our larger restrooms offer heating and air conditioning, stereo systems, porcelain sinks, and individual stalls.

Baby Changing Station

Making sure that all attendees are comfortable is vital to the success of your event. This includes parents and guardians with young children. Often, outdoor events with porta potties don’t provide a sanitary place for parents to go to change their child’s diaper or clean them up. With a baby changing station from On Site, you can provide a convenient, clean spot for parents or guardians to go and take care of their children in comfort.

Hand Washing Stations, SaniSinks, and Trash Boxes

Having a place to clean your hands after you use the restroom is essential not only for a general feeling of cleanliness, but to keep germs from spreading. Utilizing hand washing stations or a SaniSink hot water hand washing sink provides guests with an alternative to the traditional hand sanitizer dispenser that comes standard in all of our special event portable toilets. Lastly, make sure that there are plenty of trash boxes throughout your event space, in order to help keep the area free of litter and make for an easier cleanup.

Your Sanitation Needs Fulfilled with On Site

Planning a non-profit event can get stressful, but with help from On Site, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. We can provide for all of your porta potty, luxury restroom trailer, and sanitation needs! When putting together your next non-profit event, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. We are happy to offer a wide range of portable sanitation solutions to fit the unique nature of your event.

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