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Where to Place Porta Potties at Your Wedding

Wedding Blog - Where to place my porta potty at my wedding

Nothing beats an outdoor wedding. The gentle warmth of sunshine, the fresh smell of cut grass, the peaceful sounds of nature, all of these elements combine to create a romantic and compelling atmosphere during your big day. You’ve already found a perfect outdoor venue (perhaps an apple orchard or a beautiful ranch out in the country) and sent out all of the invitations, and you’re in the process of ordering a set of porta potties. But where should you place these important sanitation facilities?

Over the years, On Site has delivered thousands upon thousands of portable restrooms for special events (including weddings) all across the Midwest. To help you out with the confusing and stressful process of organizing your outdoor wedding, let’s discuss the best way to place porta potties at your venue.

Prioritize Convenience

When arranging porta potties for weddings, some people argue that the best course of action is to move them as far away from the ceremony as possible in order to keep the guests focused on the festivities instead of the bright blue bathrooms. However, this strategy can make it incredibly difficult for your guests to use the bathroom and enjoy themselves (particularly if there are young children or elderly people in attendance). After all, it’s tough to celebrate when every restroom break involves a ten-minute walk.

Always prioritize convenience when placing your porta potties. At most, it should take around three minutes for attendees to make it to a bathroom from any given location. Depending on the size of your venue, you might need to spread them out across the space, which might make you worry about unpleasant smells drifting around your event. However, as long as you rent from a reputable provider, all of your units will be delivered clean, sanitized and filled with special chemicals that break down waste and neutralize odor, so don’t let the unfounded fear of stinky porta potties influence your placement plan.

Choose Spaces That Help Your Porta Potties Blend in

You don’t want your porta potties to stick out like a sore thumb. These units need to be easy to find and access without distracting people or detracting from your wedding’s aesthetic. The secret to this delicate balance is strategic placement. If possible, we recommend placing your porta potties near plants or trees around the perimeter of your wedding. You can use these natural decorations to make your units blend with the environment. With a touch of creativity, you can also outfit your units with ribbons, flowers, artwork, candles and more to fit the look and theme of your wedding. Be sure to check online if you need additional inspiration to get started.

Note: Always place bathroom signs (with arrows) around your wedding space. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the guidance.

Safety is Key

Nothing will put a damper on your wedding faster than a tipped porta potty. If you choose to place your units on unstable, wet or angled ground, there’s a chance that they will partially sink into the ground, become unstable or tip over. That’s why it’s imperative to find spaces that are dry and level when arranging your porta potties. This important consideration will also prevent delivery and service trucks from becoming stuck. If you have the time, chat with a representative from the rental company you’re working with to ensure that your placement plan will make it easy for them to reach and handle the units.

Note: Never hesitate to reach out to your provider if you need additional assistance with safe and convenient placement of your porta potties.

Order Portable Restrooms From On Site Today

Now that you have a solid understanding of how to place porta potties at your outdoor wedding, all you have to do is order some! Here at On Site, we take pride in providing effective and affordable sanitation solutions for weddings of any size and scope. We offer a wide range of portable restrooms, luxury restroom trailers and heating and cooling options for tents and non-climate controlled venues.

One of our most popular wedding units is the Enhanced Access Restroom, a high-quality porta potty that features handrails and an interior turning radius to accommodate handicapped users. Be sure to check out our Special Events page to see all of our portable restrooms and learn more about our heavily discounted Instant Party Packages.
Last but not least, if you have any questions about On Site or our services, then call or message us today.

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