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Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties

Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties - Blog

Most people don’t even consider renting portable restrooms for graduation parties as an option when planning their big day. Whether you are hosting your grad party at your home or a public venue such as a park, portable restrooms are sure to make your guests have a better experience. Here are the top three reasons why our customers decide to rent porta potties during grad party season.


1) Keep Your Guests Comfortable

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to wait in a long line for the restroom. This problem starts to become apparent at events of 50 people or larger, especially when alcohol is served. This is why using portable restrooms for graduation parties is a good idea. Are you unsure of how many portable restrooms would be the perfect amount for your event? Use our calculator on our portable restroom page (scroll to the bottom). Just answer the questions provided and an amount of portable restrooms will be recommended to you.


2) Control the Traffic of Your Grad Party

If you are hosting your graduation party at your home, you may not want guests constantly walking in and out of your house just to use the restroom. They can track in dirt and grime if they don’t take off their shoes. Having guests constantly in motion can also be a disruption for anyone that’s lounging inside. Using porta johns allow you to control the traffic of the event. You can keep the majority of the guests outside, so anyone indoors can mingle in peace. If your event is in a public place such a park, this will also keep other visitors happy.


3) Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties Keep Your Guests Safe

After the rise of COVID-19, the world has seen the importance of sanitation and social distancing. Portable restrooms allow guests to maintain their personal space while waiting to use the restroom. Having a sufficient number of portable restrooms will ensure that you won’t run out of valuable sanitation supplies such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper. Hand sanitizer stations are a great source of additional sanitation. Portable hand wash stations are also great to keep your guests clean when food is served.


4) Bonus: Combine Portable Restrooms with Other Portable Equipment

As mentioned above, hand sanitizer stations and hand wash stations are a great addition to any grad party. Cardboard trash boxes are a great cost effective solution to collecting the waste from food and beverages that are served. Is your event taking place in a tent? Consider renting a portable air conditioner. Also, consider using misting fans to keep your guests cool outside as well.


Rent Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties with On Site Companies!

At On Site Companies, we take pride in being your one stop shop for all of your portable party needs. If you need portable restrooms or accessories for your graduation party or special event, request a quote today! Call us at 651.429.3781 to speak to an industry expert that can recommend the perfect solution for your needs.

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