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We Are St. Louis

We are St. Louis

In 2019, On Site Companies celebrates its 15th year in St. Louis. Fifteen years go by extremely fast! As a member of the St. Louis community for the past fifteen years, we’ve seen good times and bad and been with you for it all.  Today, St. Louis is the oldest branch in our 30-year-old company, just behind the original head office in St. Paul, MN.

A Brief History of Time

On Site came to St. Louis in 2004 when an opportunity arose with a client to provide temporary climate control services. Russ Holm, son of found Dave Holm and current Vice President of On Site Companies, moved to St. Louis to help set up the office. Russ would spend the next several years in St. Louis helping the branch get off the ground before eventually moving back home, getting married, and eventually leading On Site companies with his sister, Molly.

In 2014, On Site Companies expanded its St. Louis services to include not just temporary heat and cooling but temporary sanitation as well. On Site brought the same reliable and professional service On Site was known for in Minnesota to the St. Louis community.

Today, there are ten team members on On Site: St. Louis. All team members are local St. Louis residents who know the community because they are part of the community.

The Home Town Team

Despite the roots in Minnesota, The St. Louis branch is 100% staffed by a team of local St. Louis residents. (And, even though Russ is back in Minnesota, his visits to St. Louis are like coming to a second home after all his time living there.) Branch manager Ralph Morehouse grew up in South St. Louis, before heading out to be part of the 82nd Airborne in the Army. After his service, Ralph returned to St. Louis and has lived and worked there since.

To see more about the St. Louis team, check out our YouTube channel to see our new Team Spotlights!

St. Louis’s Best Kept Secret

Fifteen years and On Site is just getting started! We can’t wait to show you why we’re St. Louis’s best kept secret. When it comes to temporary sanitation for your special event, construction project, or large event, we have the units you need. We’re also ready to help you with cooling and dehumidification during the summer months and heating during the winter months to keep your projects going.

Call us today at 636-519-0507 to talk to our team of local experts!

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