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Putting the “Safe” Back Into Safety

In a world of cavalier attitudes and improved physical immunity to harm, the word safety often falls by the wayside. On Site Companies, while not re-inventing the wheel, has certainly put that tried and tested wheel back into play.

On Site Companies has a Safety Committee to take the wheel and guide the company’s staff to a less injury-prone and thus a more productive life, for them personally and the company generally. The Safety Committee has brought concerns to the forefront, whether small or large. This dedicated team of individuals from many positions and experience levels has set agendas, recognized and dealt with concerns, and taken actions to move the company towards creating a better environment for all to work in. From simply talking about problems and potential solutions to taking proactive action to avoid potential future issues, the committee is making strides to make the workplace safe for all staff, no matter their position or location.

Common Sense Solutions

Environmental awareness is the most useful safety skill staff can learn. If it’s slippery, slow down. If it’s too heavy, ask for help. If it’s too high, don’t stand on a chair; get a proper ladder. These little changes have a great impact on whether the company is saddled with injuries and unable to service customers. The same changes could be the difference between a lifetime injury or going home each evening to loved ones. The thought of even one staff member becoming injured drives the Safety Committee to do their best each month. Our ultimate goal is to solve problems and make a workplace everyone feels good in.

At each monthly meeting, there is a safety topic for everyone to discuss. This keeps the team thinking about the consequences and benefits of being safe at work. If a concern is observed, the staff now has an outlet in which to air the issue and have it resolved. Our safety efforts have run the gamut from big to small: we’ve updated first aid kits and added a traffic sign to remind staff to slow down in the parking lot, and larger projects such as eye wash stations and AEDs are also in the works.

The wisdom of “if you see something, say something” applies to safety. The Safety Committee cannot see all problems and so relies on the staff to “say something.” Vigilance, concern for each other, and a desire to make things better are the hallmarks of each employee at On Site Companies. With everyone’s assistance, the Safety Committee is making great strides in achieving results that will set On Site ahead of everyone else in the industry.

Industry Leader in Safety

The PSAI (Portable Sanitation Association International) noted the importance of safety in the workplace with a six-page article in its newsletter in March, 2019. On Site, already aware of the benefits of a safe workplace, was months ahead of the newsletter in taking action. The Safety Committee was a culmination of a year of getting safety to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Once there, the next logical step was to introduce a group that could and would take action to make improvements. By using reports, statistics, observations, and common sense, On Site has reduced workers’ compensation claims dramatically. OSHA reporting, Department of Labor reports, Workers’ Compensation reports, and good old-fashioned elbow grease are all used to keep every employee safe at On Site.

Safety at On Site

Safety in the workplace does not come easy and requires constant vigilance. One dedicated committee is not enough. Maintaining workplace safety takes everyone to watch and report on potential risks. Even if the risk is slight, it only takes one injury for all the staff to be affected.

On Site Companies updated their Safety Manual, implemented a new AWAIR Program, receives annual training on blood-borne pathogens, and has certified forklift operators and trainers. There are many other safety benefits for all staff. The Safety Committee has adopted a Health and Safety Committee workbook which spells out the roles of each committee member and how each meeting will be run.

The On Site Companies Safety Committee even has its own Mission Statement;

The mission of the On Site Companies Health and Safety Committee is to develop and promote a healthy and safe environment for all staff in all branches and visitors to any of our facilities through the involvement of all individuals with regards to education, communication and safe work practices.

A safe company means happier workers and better service for all our customers. Contact On Site today to work with a company that values safety and the benefits it can bring to your project or event.

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