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Temporary Air Conditioning

Construction Air Conditioning | Special Event Tent Air Conditioning

Spot Cooler Air Conditioner

Spot Cooler (13,200 BTU/Hr)

The Spot Cooler is the smallest portable air conditioner for rent from On Site Companies. This air conditioner is perfect for small spaces that need temporary air conditioning. The hot air that is produced can be ducted outside. Perfect for tent cooling, small spaces and offices that have temporarily lost air conditioning capabilities.

mob-40 portable air conditioner

MOB-42 Portable Air Conditioner (42,000 BTU/Hr)

The MOB-42 is a temporary air conditioner that fits most small spaces. It can be wheeled into most any space to provide cooling to areas that don’t have stationary air conditioning. It can be used in stationary areas as well as special events tents.

mob-60 portable air conditioner

MOB-60 Portable Air Conditioner (60,000 BTU/Hr)

The MOB-60 temporary air conditioner is the perfect size of air conditioner for a medium sized space. It is perfect for cooling down large tents for special events, as well as construction sites that need cooling and dehumidification services.

mob-100 portable air conditioner

MOB-100 Portable Air Conditioner (126,000 BTU/Hr)

The MOB-100 temporary air conditioner is a larger sized air conditioner that is meant for large air conditioning and dehumidification jobs. These air conditioners are designed to be placed outside of a structure and cool air can be ducted in.

mob-250 portable air conditioner

MOB-250 Portable Air Conditioner (290,000 BTU/Hr)

The MOB-250 portable air conditioner is our largest air conditioning unit offered by On Site Companies. This unit can be placed outside of buildings to have cool air ducted in to provide relief from heat as well as dehumidification to construction sites.