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Accessorizing Ideas for Your Portable Bathrooms at a Wedding

Porta potties are often judged as stinky places that are full of strange sights and smells. However, with the right accessories and decorations, there’s potential for these restrooms to become luxurious. The portable bathrooms that you’ll rent aren’t going to experience the same traffic as those fixed inside of a stadium or a music festival. In your wedding, these porta potties will be plentiful, stylish, and smartly stocked.

Accessorizing Ideas for Your Portable Bathrooms at a Wedding

You can easily accessorize your portable bathroom, even incorporating their aesthetic to the theme of your wedding. Here’s how you can upgrade your porta potties to make them more accessible, polished, and sanitary for your guests.

Accessorizing and Decorating Your Portable Bathrooms

Make your porta potties grand with canopies or pop-up gazebos.

A patio canopy can be easily installed to cover your porta potty and make it Porta Pottystand out from a distance. There are many patterns and colors that you can find for your patio covers. Also, a patio cover will shade the porta potty. Since heat can intensify smells, the cool temperatures will make things less stinky.

One thing to keep in mind when putting your restroom under a tent or canopy would be the vent stack. You’ve probably seen the small pipe at the top of a porta potty. This is used to vent the porta potty to prevent it from getting really smelly inside. The stack should always be placed in open air spaces. If your vent stack is enclosed inside of a tent or canopy, the smells coming out of that stack will instead gather inside of your tent or canopy.

Hang a picture line across the portable bathroom.

If appropriate, you can include pictures of your family, friends, and life events. Fasten your photos to a line with the use of pins. From there, secure the line onto adjacent walls with the help of clear tape or 3M command strips. A picture line is simple, rustic, and will provide a homey feel to your portable bathroom.

Add ribbons and confetti to your porta potties.

Ribbons are versatile as they can be used inside and outside of the porta potty. Use ribbons as affordable wall decor. Instead of using a hammer and nails to hang heavy decorations that can potentially damage the walls of the porta potty, hang ribbon decorations instead. Add some flair to the door of the porta potty with a ribbon wreath as well. Implement the colors and textures used in your wedding. There are unlimited ways that you can use ribbons and confetti to complement your porta potty.

Add practical accessories.Place to wash/ Sanitize Hands

It’s complementary to place hand sanitizer, hand cream, or wipes in a porta potty. Don’t just put them in a corner. Put hand creams and sanitizers in a basket full of confetti strips. You can also use floral arrangements in and outside of the porta potty to liven up the place. An essential oil diffuser can be especially useful to make the confined space smell fresh throughout the day.

Use accent lighting.

It is very typical for a wedding ceremony to go into the evening hours. Unfortunately, many hosts overlook the importance of visibility in these situations. As soon as it gets dark, your porta potties can get very dark. Use Christmas lights or Japanese lanterns to illuminate the areas in and around the porta potties. You can also use flameless candles or LED lights to give a little bit of light and ambiance.

Guide your guests to the bathroom with a green way.Lanter

You can use the surrounding landscape to your advantage here. Gathering rocks and using them to create a path to the porta potties can be affordable and practical. You also have the option of using rocks that glow in the dark to illuminate the way at night. During the day, use potted flowers and plants.

Use a monogram.

Imprint a custom monogram onto the door or side of the porta potty to personalize it. Debut your decorative fonts or initials on a vinyl decal and install them onto the walls of your portable bathroom.

Don’t underestimate the simplicity and practicality of purse hangers.

Your guests do not want to put their personal belongings on the floor of the porta potty, regardless of how glamorous it may look. Purse hangers are installed onto the walls of your porta potty with an adhesive. You can customize these hooks with paint or sequins. Bag hooks can also work in a pinch to hold up a man’s suit or jacket.

If you are renting your porta potties from a company, then it is important to inform them that you’ll be customizing the units. Depending on the terms and conditions, the provider may have reservations as to what you can and cannot do with their property. It is typically okay to use decorations and decals that use adhesives to secure themselves instead of metal nails that can permanently damage the portable bathroom.

Portable bathrooms do not need to be smelly and inconvenient eyesores. With a little creativity, they can be used to play up the theme of your wedding with the help of decorations and accessories. It is recommended that you use about one porta potty for every 100 guests – but remember, it never hurts to bring more to cut down on potential lines. If you want to know how many porta potties you’ll need, check out our porta potty calculator.
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