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Fun Ways to Incorporate Porta Potties Into Your Event

Porta potties are the perfect solution for social events hosted in places that do not have access to traditional plumbing. But despite how incredibly convenient they are, some may feel apprehensive about renting porta potties, fearful that they may be too tacky or unsightly for an event. Fortunately, there are many fun and creative ways to mitigate these issues and effectively incorporate porta potties into your events, festivals, weddings, and get-togethers.

Why You Want a Porta Potty at Your Event

Simply put, your guests will eventually need to use the bathroom, particularly if you are hosting an event that will last several hours. And you definitely can’t rely on public bathrooms, especially if they’re far from your venue. Attempting to do so would be impractical and lead to awkward situations, making you stress out even more during your big day.

Porta potties will eliminate long lines in your event.

A lack of toilets is one of the top complaints when it comes to attending a festival, wedding, or any event where there’s going to be a concentration of people. These situations become even more difficult when young children are involved since they usually can’t wait for significant amounts of time to use the bathroom. A few porta potties at your event will eradicate long bathroom lines and make your guests feel much more comfortable.

Porta potties are clean and sanitary.

Porta potties get a bad rap for being a cesspool of germs and smells. Fortunately, these accusations are largely unfounded. Contrary to popular belief, a porta potty isn’t connected to a hole in the ground. Instead, it uses a chemical basin that neutralizes odors. Porta potties are also very thoroughly cleaned before being installed at your event and come with well-stocked hand sanitizer dispensers, making them perfectly clean and safe for your guests to use.

When we think of smelly and unsanitary porta potties, we usually imagine the units used during music festivals. These portable bathrooms are used to cater to impossibly large crowds, making them incredibly difficult to keep clean over the course of the entire event. However, a newly placed porta potty in your event will be quite sanitary since it won’t be used over the course of several days by hundreds upon hundreds of people.

The quantity is important

One more thing we can say about music festival porta potties is that event planners don’t usually order enough of them. The standard thinking for porta potty rentals is one standard portable restroom per 100 event guests. When you’re doing to large events usually event planners don’t order enough, and event guests may pay the price for that. If you’re renting porta potties for your wedding or event, just make sure you get the right number to avoid any overuse situations. You can use our handy porta potty calculator to find out the correct number of restrooms you’ll need.

Using a Porta Potty in Your Wedding

Now let’s discuss how to incorporate a porta potty into your wedding and get the most out of the experience. First of all, a little humor can go a long way when informing your guests that you are using a porta potty rental service for your big day. It doesn’t have to be a big deal either – you can easily inform them of the facilities in the footnotes of your invitation cards. Telling them beforehand (and mixing it in with a bit of humor) will be much appreciated by your guests and make the presence of your porta potties less awkward.

Decorating Your Porta Potty

  • Play up the porta potty’s exterior. Accent pieces and colors used in your wedding can be used to decorate the outside of the porta potty. For instance, leftover flowers used in your wedding’s centerpiece can be added to the cover of the porta potty in the form of a wreath. Small touches like that will go a long way in making your porta potty a more pleasant and natural component of your wedding.
  • Make it seem like a miniature home. A porta potty looks a bit like a small home without the windows. Play up this fact by placing a welcome mat on the outside of the porta potty. Put a pot of flowers on each side of the unit’s door too. It will make the setup look more polished and elaborate, even if all you did was buy a few potted plants.
  • Use mirrors. Most porta potties do not come with mirrors. A small mirror on the inside will allow your guests to fix themselves up if they need to apply makeup or comb their hair. Not only that, but several mirrors inside of the porta potty will make the small space feel larger. Don’t be afraid to embellish a porta potty mirror with petals or trinkets around the bathroom.
  • Interior Lights might also be a great touch. Your wedding is probably going to go into the evening, so make sure it doesn’t get too dark in there. You could use 3M Command Hooks to hang tap lights or LED lights in your porta potty. At the end of the event, just take them down. The light will help you guests maneuver the restroom and feel more comfortable.
  • You also may want to consider putting a toiletries table outside of your porta potties. Just get a small end table and put things like hand lotion, perfume and hand sanitizer outside of your restrooms. It’s a little gesture, but it provide a more luxurious feel.

Additional Rentals and Upgrades

If you’re looking to step up your event porta potty game, there are a few additional rental options to make your guests even happier. For instance, you can consider renting hand washing sinks. These foot pump hand sinks and portable and use soap and fresh water. Hand sinks will help your friends and family feel cleaner and more at ease with the porta potty experience.

Still can’t quite get used to the thought of using a porta potty at your wedding or event? Then luxury restroom trailers are here to the rescue. These trailers feature: flushing toilets, running water sinks, electrical lighting and event heating and air conditioning options. Not your typical plastic porta potty for sure. You’ll end up spending a bit more, but most customers find they’re well worth the cost.

A porta potty does not need to be an unpleasant aspect of your wedding or social events. There are many ways that you can incorporate them naturally, making them look stylish and more appealing for your guests. Remember, it is recommended that you have at least one porta potty for each 20 attendees, but don’t be afraid to rent more for peace of mind. Besides, it never hurts to have more bathrooms at an event!
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