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Planning a wedding, conference, party, or any other social event forces you to answer a series of critical questions. How do you entertain all of your guests? How do you feed them? And, perhaps most importantly, are you providing them with enough convenient and pleasant places to use the bathroom? On Site specializes in helping event planners across the nation by renting out quality porta potties and portable bathroom trailers. It’s our goal to ensure that your guests are comfortable and happy, so today we’ll be teaching you how to determine whether or not you’ll need porta potties for your event.

Determining How Many Bathrooms You Need for an Event

There are several online resources you can use to pin down the appropriate number of bathrooms for your event. To start, check out this On Site calculator. It’ll ask a few basic questions about your party and give a solid estimate of how many restrooms your guests will require. If you have fewer restrooms for your event than the number it calculates, you should definitely invest in portable bathrooms. Wait, why is it asking you those weird questions about alcohol and gender headcount? Let’s explain the factors we take into consideration when recommending how many bathrooms your event needs.

How Many Guests Are Attending?

This is undeniably the most useful figure for determining how many bathrooms you’ll need to procure for your event. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to lock down an exact guest number, especially if some invitees are undecided or still haven’t responded yet. To complicate things even further, some events (like casual get-togethers) are less likely to match their estimated guest count than others (like weddings). If you haven’t yet, create a poll for invited guests to get a general estimate of how many will attend. And if you don’t receive a response from a few people, just assume they’ll be attending. Fortunately, you have more wiggle room with restrooms than food or seats since no one will mind waiting in line for a few minutes to relieve themselves. That being said, don’t force your guests to wait for extended periods of time. At best, they’ll be inconvenienced and uncomfortable. At worst, they’ll leave and speak ill of the event. When in doubt, play it safe and rent out one more porta potty than you absolutely need. After all, it’s much better to bring too many bathrooms than too few. Your guests (and their bladders) will thank you for your consideration.

Event Duration?

This is another important factor for choosing the right number of restrooms to order. If your event is under an hour long, odds are good that most attending guests won’t use the bathroom more than once (or at all). It’s a very different story when you’re hosting a 3-day-long concert or a wedding that lasts all night. Getting a general estimate (in hours) of how long your event will last can help us determine how many porta potties you need.

More Women than Men?

Our calculator asks if there will be more women attending the event because they usually take more restroom breaks than men do. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to bring along a few extra porta potties if you have more female guests just to make sure everyone you aren’t a victim of overly used portable restrooms.

Is There Alcohol Being Served at the Event?

Alcohol is a diuretic. When your guests drink alcoholic beverages, their bodies produce more urine throughout the event. Alcohol also stimulates the bladder when consumed, so drinking it will cause people to feel the urge to go sooner than they normally would. This effect is additive too, so drinking more will result in an increased need to relieve oneself. Consequently, you’ll want to rent more portable bathrooms for events where wine, beer, or any other type of alcoholic drink is served, especially when organizing weddings or other events where substantial amounts of drinking occur.

Note: Bear in mind that our calculator only gives a general estimate. If you choose to rent from us, your On Site customer service representative will assist you further in deciding the exact number of restrooms you’ll want to pick up.

Do I Need Hand Wash Stations or Enhanced Access Restrooms?

As long as you outfit your porta potties with hand sanitizer, they’ll work perfectly for casual events. But if you’re putting together a fancier event like a wedding, you’ll want to invest in hand wash stations as well. These portable units are equipped with two sinks, paper towels, and soap dispensers. These are an excellent way to class up your event and give guests a convenient method of washing their hands and cleaning up. Hand wash stations come standard in all of On Site’s special event portable toilets, so definitely consider choosing us to save time and money if you want to order some of these.

Enhanced access restrooms have handrails and are specifically designed to provide maximum convenience for users with physical handicaps. Fortunately, the additional features on these units don’t make them ludicrously expensive or difficult to handle, and all guests can use them safely and comfortably. It’s usually a good idea to provide at least one of these for any event, particularly if you don’t know everyone who will be attending.

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